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The product reviews on Mike’s Road Trip website are highly helpful for visitors because they provide an in-depth evaluation of the products and give an idea of how they perform in real-life scenarios. The reviews are written by Mike and/or other experienced road trippers (or travelers), who have personally used and tested the products. They provide detailed information on the product’s features, pros, cons, and overall performance. They also include photographs and comparisons to similar products to help readers make an informed decision. The product reviews cover a wide range of items related to road trips, such as GPS devices, camping gear, travel accessories, camera gear and more. They also include information on pricing, availability and the best places to buy the product. Overall, the product reviews on Mike’s Road Trip website are a valuable resource for visitors looking to enhance their road trip experience by using the best and most suitable gear and accessories.

Discover the Best Road Trip SUV of 2024

Best road trip suv for 2024

Setting out on the open road is an age-old tradition, and in 2024, the quest for the "best road trip SUV" has taken on new dimensions. As travelers seek the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and efficiency for their adventures, the automotive industry has responded with a plethora of options....

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Dutchmen Kodiak Cub in-depth review

Kodiak Cub overview

My girlfriend Mihaela of World Travel Bug and I recently purchased a new 2021 Dutchmen Kodiak Cub travel trailer. We know there are a lot of you out there considering buying a travel trailer, so we thought we'd share the ins-and-outs of ours, and, what went into the decision-making process...

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Feiyu Tech AK4500 DSLR Gimbal Review

Feiyu Tech AK4500 gimbal review by

Feiyu Tech AK4500 Review and Video Overview of this DSLR Stabilizing Gimbal  If you’re new to, I am a professional travel blogger who also produces video content. As you might imagine, I have a fair amount of gear in my kit and frequently get stuff sent to me to...

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Getting Serious about Storage – An Experiential Look at the Drobo 5N2

Drobo 5N2 front and back

This post provides insight into my own personal use of Drobo storage units, most recently, the Drobo 5N2 NAS system. As a professional travel blogger who produces both video and photographic content, my storage needs are quite significant. Up until three years ago, when I took the plunge and got...

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Favorite pieces of luggage for 2018

Delsey CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE luggage by

As a professional travel blogger I have luggage makers often send me pieces from their latest lines to try out. I thought it would be helpful for you, my travel friends and followers, to provide an overview of my favorite pieces of luggage I've used this year. Luggage models often...

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Review of the FeiyuTech SPG Plus gimbal rig for smartphones

This is a video and text review of the FeiyuTech SPG Plus handheld gimbal for smartphones. It seems everybody is creating video content these days, whether for a vlog, a small business or for social media. With so many people creating video content, it is imperative produce the highest quality...

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Drobo 5C BeyondRAID data storage

Before Drobo and after Drobo | photo by: Mike Shubic

I have finally taken my data storage seriously by investing in a Drobo RAID system. Here is my story and review of the Drobo 5C. As a professional travel video blogger, I develop a lot of content! Over the past seven years I've amassed nearly 20TB of data. As you...

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ZhiYun Rider-M gimbal overview

As a professional travel video blogger, I frequently get this question: “Mike, how do you get such smooth action shots in your videos?” Well, the answer is that I use a number of stabilizing gimbals. I have a handheld gimbal with extending poles to capture walking or biking shots, and...

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Lowepro DroneGuard 450 Backpack review

DroneGuard BP 450 Review As a quad-copter pilot, I was really excited last year when Lowepro came out with their DroneGuard Kit, which enabled me to easily carry around my quad-copter along with all the extras. In addition to the quad-copter, extra batteries and cables, there is also space for...

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