10 Road Trip Tips to Save Money [Video]

This post and video provide some solid road trip tips to save money. During these uncertain times, road trips will likely be the preferred mode of travel for the not so distant future. I’d like to thank Allianz Travel for their continued support in enabling me to create content that I enjoy producing for all of my readers, viewers and followers.

1. Road Trip Tips to Save Money is to use a Gas App

One of the biggest road trip expenses is fuel, so the first road trip tip to save money is to use the Gas Buddy app. Believe it or not, fuel prices can vary a lot from one end of a town to the next. Typically, the most expensive fuel is at the beginning and end of a town. Using Gas Buddy you can quickly see the high and low prices in the area, so if you’re just driving through, you can spot which station is the cheapest. Otherwise you can select which station you want and click to open up in your favorite map app for directions. The swing in gas prices can be dramatic, I have seen it as high as a dollar in places like Kingman, Arizona.  For me, that’s over a $20 savings on a single tank of fuel.

2. Air Pressure

Road trip tips to save money. Tip #2 is to check tire pressure

Another road trip tip to save money is keeping your tires properly inflated. This can save 3-5% in fuel savings, and depending on how far you drive, this could add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Plus, you’ll get more millage from your tires. If you live near a Discount Tire, they will check your tire pressure for free.

3. Hotel App

There are many hotel apps that claim to save you money, but Hotel Tonight is one of the best for road trips because it’s geared toward last minute reservations. You can likely save 20-50% by booking just a day or two ahead.

Top-10 Road Trip Tips to Save Money Top-10 Road Trip Tips to save Money

4. Bring your own Food is a great way to save money

Bringing a cooler with cold drinks, fresh fruit and other snacks will save big money from stopping at convince stores. For dinner, you could bring canned soup or pasta with a small stove and save even more money.

5. Don’t buy the car rental insurance

If you’re renting a car for your next road trip, avoid paying the insurance they offer. A better option is to buy travel insurance, which will cover more than just your car rental. Many credit cards also offer rental coverage. For people like me who travel a great deal, an annual policy from Allianz Travel might be your best bet. Oh, and if you’re renting a car, choose your wheels wisely for the best gas millage.

6. Camp in the Great Outdoors is a great road trip tip to save money

One of my personal favorite things to do on a road trip is to camp out. If you do this road trip tip every other day or so, you could save a lot of money on lodging.

save money #6 is to camp out - photo by MikesRoadtrip.com

7. Discount Cards

City Cards and a National Park pass can save a lot of money if you plan to visit many parks or places in a city during your visit. Groupon can also save money on just about everything from hotel stays, local attractions, restaurants and more.

Prague City Pass, great way to save money

8. Picking the right Restaurants

Avoid restaurants in a tourist area, or right on a main drag/street. Wander down a side street and you will likely find a more affordable and better quality restaurant option.

9. Slow down and Cruise

Another way to save money is to slow down…and by using your Cruise Control when heading down a highway.

10. Map Your Route

If you just need to get from point A to point B, map out the shortest routes before you leave, this will save both time and fuel. You can also use Google maps to avoid road tolls, which will also help save some dough. Lastly, if you can, avoid traveling during holiday seasons or during the weekend, these tend to be the most expensive times to travel.

Well I hope you found these road trip tips to save money helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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