Cano’s Castle in Antonito, Colorado is a roadside attraction worth a gander

I’ve seen a lot of strange structures along the road during my travels, but “Cano’s Castle” just might take the prize for the most whimsical. While visiting Antonito, Colorado after taking a ride aboard the Cumbras/Toltec Scenic Railway, I discovered Cano’s Castle, one of the oddest structures I think I’ve ever come across.

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This extremely odd, yet creatively unique home, was built by a Native American Vietnam Veteran who thought he would pay homage to his survival of the war. It’s probably safe to assume that Cano (the Architect and creator of “Cano’s Castle) did not come back from the war in the same state in which he left—anyone who would build such a strange structure, has to be, well, a bit odd himself. Nonetheless, Cano has created a structure that continues to inspire a community, while captivating onlookers. Some might call “Cano’s Castle” Antonito’s, “Ball of String, “ or “Car henge,” two other odd creations that attract visitors by the thousands.

Cano began building his castle in 1980 and has not slowed down to this day…he just continues to add on. Cano’s never-ending construction is enabled and fueled by what most would describe as, “junk” donated by his fellow neighbors.  Nothing goes to waste, Cano makes use of even the strangest items in the most intriguing ways. Cano’s imagination appears to be boundless.

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My question to you is, what is the strangest, oddest, and/or, most interesting structure you’ve seen along your travels? Have you seen Cano’s Castle?

Cano’s Castle address: State St & E 10th Ave, Antonito, CO 81120

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