Vegas Roadside Attraction: Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains is an interesting and colorful roadside attraction located about 20 miles south of the Las Vegas strip. Experienced hikers will likely make the connection between stone cairns and Seven Magic Mountains, which is basically a series of gargantuan markers leading travelers from Las Vegas toward Los Angeles.

Set against the bland Mojave Desert landscape, the most arid in North America, Seven Magic Mountains can be seen for great distances due to the dramatic and eye-popping colors. The colors are actually so bright that they do not look real, in person, or in photos. Located near the northbound lanes of Interstate 15, near the frontage road of Las Vegas Blvd, this monolithic roadside attraction is absolutely worth a stop.

There is a small parking lot large enough to accommodate the onslaught of visitors who come and go throughout the day. From the parking lot it is just a short walk to the stacked stones, which range from three, to six boulders high, totally 32 in all. Seven Magic Mountains occupies a space between the stillness of the Mojave Desert, and the constant flux of people visiting the installation and passing by on I-15.

Seven Magic Mountains from above by Mike of

The best time to visit Seven Magic Mountains is late afternoon when the sun illuminates the installation, as if increasing the brightness of the already vibrant colors. No matter when you go, you’re surely to capture some pretty stunning photos to share with your friends and family.

If social media is any indication, Seven Magic Mountains has been a huge hit with tourists. Not that Las Vegas needs another tourist attraction, but this concept is something smaller destinations might want to consider investing in as a way to market their community.  These thoughtful and provocative art installations can bring a lot of attention to a community, not just from those visiting, but with all those who will potentially visit due to the photos seen and shared on social media.

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If you’ve ever stopped by the Seven Magic Mountains roadside attraction near Las Vegas, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

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  1. Wow! that place is looking so awesome and mountains are looking so amazing. stunning photos you shared of that beautiful place.

  2. Great, these are amazing place and you shared good information about these places. Stones are best attraction of that place.

  3. Colorful mountains are looking so awesome and Colors of these mountains are amazing. captured amazing photos of these mountains.

  4. Hi Mike,

    Brilliant. Loving the look of this place.

    The colors are inspired, and it seems like a fine stop for enjoying some classic Nevada landscapes.

    I’ve yet to be out that way but cannot wait to visit.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. In the past 2 years, we’ve gone by the 7 magic mountains about 35 times. You have to see them from the highway to really appreciate the view. The first time we went by there, my wife said ” what the heck is that” I told her 7clown rocket launchers. Really, ICBM’s pointed towards North Korea. She believed me for about 2 seconds. From the highway you just don’t know what they are. Now you go and post these beautiful closeup photos of them. You ruined it for me.

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