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Whether you’re looking for media coverage for your destination, lodging establishment, tour, tourist attraction or applicable brand, Mike’s Road Trip provides a well established outlet with a loyal audience (click here for press kit information).

Custom promotional packages can be tailor-made based on your reach desired and budget available. If you’re looking for reach beyond, Mike has partnered with several media outlets and blogger consortium to get you the numbers you’re looking for.

From articles, blog posts, social media mentions, photographs to videos, Mike’s Road Trip will develop content will not only get you noticed, but will be of interest to the readers and followers.


  1. Why is it almost always MEN who get sponsorships for road travel and adventure travel in general? I ask this as a woman who has been road tripping for decades, is an accomplished writer and photographer, and who has gone to places that are definitely out of the way — all solo, all in manual transmission vehicles — 97′ Suzuki 4×4, 87′ Honda Accord, 77′ Mercedes 240D, Volkswagon 73′ Westphalia camper…have driven from Canada to Honduras in SEVEN days and have subsequently driven from Canada to Central America several times over the decades. As well I have covered much of the contiguous USA by car, specializing in secondary routes, and driven in several locales overseas like oh, BOSNIA and KOSOVO…oh, the stories I could share but unfortunately women seem to get ignored in this kind of travel because it is assumed that we are either lying or that there is no market for women’s stories of road tripping which is still seen very much as a man’s thing…good grief.

    1. I know plenty of very successful female travel bloggers out there. The industry even skews toward female. If I had to guess, I would venture to say that perhaps men are more aggressive in selling themselves. Don’t know. Send me some of your work, I’m always looking for good writers, photographers and content producers. Go to the contact page of the website. Thx for stopping by.

  2. Mike great to chat today love what your doing. As the founder of gummy7 we are on a mission to promote interesting people, places and events and more from Antarctica to Zambia and hope to partner with you.

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