Author: Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.

Casting your fishing line into the sunrise: Gearing up with reliable tackle

There's something undeniably magical about the stillness of the early morning hours, especially when you're standing at the water's edge, rod in hand, as the sun begins to crest the horizon. Those first golden rays of light set the day's canvas, waiting for you to paint it with your angling...

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Desert Escapes: Top-10 Arizona RV Camping and Boondocking Sites

Discover the Ultimate Arizona RV Camping Experience! This expertly curated guide to the top-10 Arizona RV camping and boondocking sites is your key to unlocking the state’s most stunning and RV-friendly locales. Whether you're cruising in your own RV, or you have booked an RV Rental from a platform like...

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The Best Places to Visit in France

If you're looking for the best places in France for a sensational European escape, you're in for a treat. This country boasts an incredible range of landscapes, from lush, verdant valleys to mountains dusted with snow, ensuring there's something for every type of traveler. Deciding exactly where to go in...

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Glass Beach Transformation: From Trash to Treasure Trove

Glass Beach

Nestled along the rugged coastline of Fort Bragg in Northern California, Glass Beach stands as a testament to nature's ability to transform the remnants of human activity, into a stunning spectacle. This unique beach, renowned for its colorful glass pebbles, offers a fascinating story that blends environmental awareness with the...

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Video Portfolio Examples

This is a series of video content examples filmed, edited and produced by Mike Shubic. If you are looking for a video content creator, or on-camera host, look no further. I can write, produce, film and edit a variety of different types of video content for your website, YouTube channel...

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Overseas Highway: Driving Through a Dreamy Cascade of Blues!

The allure of the Florida Keys, and its Overseas Highway (aka U.S. 1), is a captivating drive connected by a chain of tropical islands stretching from Miami, all the way to Key West. Yet, the journey to experience this paradise was once a challenging endeavor. Today, U.S. 1 has transformed...

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Oregon Breaks Chains with Age-Old Gas Law: Self-Service Now Allowed!

Whenever I embarked on a road trip through Oregon, I found it puzzling that self-service gas pumping was prohibited. Almost invariably, I'd pull up to a pump, start the refueling process, and then be promptly reminded by an attendant that self-service was against the law. I'd often forget this unique...

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Discover the Best Road Trip SUV of 2024

Best road trip suv for 2024

Setting out on the open road is an age-old tradition, and in 2024, the quest for the "best road trip SUV" has taken on new dimensions. As travelers seek the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and efficiency for their adventures, the automotive industry has responded with a plethora of options....

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Dare Destiny with a Halloween Road Trip to these Destinations

Halloween Road Trip

In this Halloween road trip article I provide some of the spookiest destinations in the united States. I also thought it would be fun to use an AI image generator to create some creepy images. Hope you enjoy. As October's chill sweeps in, so does the allure of embarking on...

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Emilia-Romagna Road Trip: From Ancient Streets to the Modern Marvels of Motor Valley

Lamborghini in Emilia-Romagna

Set your gears in motion for an unparalleled adventure: This Emilia-Romagna road trip article delves into the automotive brilliance of Motor Valley. Navigate through sun-soaked landscapes, resonating with the roars of legendary engines, and discover a realm where every bend in the road unveils a chapter of motor racing heritage....

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Civita di Bagnoregio: Where History Clings to the Cliffside

Civita di Bagnoregio aeiral primary image - Photo by: Mike Shubic

Perched precariously atop a rugged hill in the heart of Italy, Civita di Bagnoregio whispers tales of ancient civilizations, timeless beauty, and nature's relentless power. Often referred to as the 'Dying Town,' its cobblestone streets and medieval architecture have withstood both the ravages of time and the elements. As you...

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Embark on a Flavorful Odyssey of Peru at Llama Restaurant in St. Augustine

Dessert at Llama Restaurant in St. Augustine Florida - Photo by: Mike Shubic

From the cobblestone streets of historic St. Augustine, Florida, to the mountain terraces of Machu Picchu, stepping into Llama Restaurant is akin to embarking on a soulful journey to the heart of Peru. Right from the threshold, one gets whisked away into a world where culinary artistry transcends mere sustenance,...

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New York Palace Budapest Hotel: Where Renaissance Grandeur Meets Modern Luxury

From the moment you step into the lavish lobby of the New York Palace Budapest, it becomes clear that this is more than just a hotel—it is a historical landmark steeped in grandeur, elegance and the fascinating narrative of a bygone era. New York Palace Budapest Hotel History The New...

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