Top-5 Things to do in Pictou, Nova Scotia – The Birthplace of New Scotland

On the Northumberland Shore of Nova Scotia, there sits an idyllic town known as Pictou. In 1773, the first wave of Scottish immigrants landed here, forever changing the trajectory of this area and the town. Today, Pictou, Nova Scotia, has a blend of old-world charm and modern style and amenities, all side-by-side.

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Long, long ago, the natives to the land—the Mi’kmaq—referred to Pictou as “Pictook” which translates to “exploding gas.” Naming this area what they did may sound like funny business, but it actually fits. The Mi’kmaq were quite probably referring to the coal fields in the sea.

Once you arrive in Pictou, you may already have your entire itinerary planned, but if you’re open to suggestions, here are a few.

Five things to do in Pictou, Nova Scotia

  • Hector Heritage Quay – You cannot miss Hector Heritage Quay, the ultimate symbol of Scottish Immigration in North America. Learn everything you will every want to know about Canada’s Scottish heritage and the Ship Hector that landed upon Brown’s Point in Pictou Harbor with 189 Scottish Highlanders on board. These were the people who had left their home in search of a better life in the New World. The site offers guided tours, workshops, and demonstrations. Make sure you check ahead as Hector Heritage Quay does close down during the off-season.

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  • Caribou Lighthouse – Caribou Lighthouse offers picturesque views of Northumberland Strait, Prince Edward Island Ferry and Pictou Island. If you’re lucky, you just might see deer, pheasants, and even baby seals offshore in the winter. The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore only adds to the scenery and the peace you’ll find while you’re here.
  • Waterside Beach Provincial Park – If you are ready to take a walk and be surrounded by nature—not other people—make your way to Waterside Beach Provincial Park. This hidden gem of a park has boardwalks that lead to the dunes on the red sandy beaches. The best part is Waterside Beach Provincial Park is never crowded. Relax in this wonderful spot and take heart: the water is warm enough for even the faintest hearted among your group to jump in!

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  • Eat your fill of Pictou food – Once you arrive in Pictou, you will have your choice of fare. From fine dining to Pictou pub food, Pictou offers a wide variety of eats. Lobster. Yam fries. Calamari. Shortbread. The list goes on. Take note: being so close to the water, the seafood is particularly delicious.
  •  Take a hike – Breathe in the fresh air of Nova Scotia and take a jaunt along the waterfront’s Jitney Walking Trail. Walkers and cyclists can enjoy this 3K trail to the point where the ship Hector made its historic landing in 1773. The panoramic views are gorgeous. If you’re looking for more serious hiking, explore the Fitzpatrick Mountain Trail. Note: bring your binoculars if you have a pair as the bird watching is eventful.

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If you’ve ever been to Pictou, Nova Scotia, please leave a comment below and share your experience and/or favorite activities.

top 5 things to do in Pictou Nova Scotia top things to do in Pictou Nova Scotia

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  1. It’s a great little town! I was born and raised in Pictou and always enjoy returning home for a visit.
    Great shots of special places to visit!

  2. I love the place. I live nearby. Almost every time I go there, I marvel at the houses, or notice some other thing I didn’t see before. Did you notice the old post office with the window in the chimney? I hope you had a great visit.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did see the P.O. with the chimney. I did indeed have a great visit, thank you. All the best, Mike

  3. We visited and within a few years quit our jobs in the big city and moved our family to Pictou. The schools are the BEST and people kind and caring. Winter is cold but we couldn’t be more appreciative to live a place where you can see the ocean from so many vantage points.

  4. Funny that you mention the Caribou lighthouse that is no longer there. And your first picture feathers the Northumberland Fisheries Museum with it’s museum and replica of the origional Carabou lighthouse, and the only lobster hatchery open to the public in Canada but not mention them.

  5. My husbands parents lived in Pictou. It is wonderful for all the activities for the local community to take part in. The food is great. Sharon’s is the best neibourhood diner ever! Try to hit the lobster carnival each year.
    With the new investment in the town things can only continue to get more interesting.

  6. Love all the pictures that are posted about Pictou. My mom grew up there ( in the Tate House) so I heard about Pictou and everything in it my entire life…. and I am 72 now. We returned every summer for many years and I will be returning one of these days to spread my moms ashes on her grandmothers grave. She passed a couple of years ago at 93. So happy to see Pictou is being developed… I live in Thunder Bay in Ontario.

    1. Hi Pam…thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your story. That’s very nice that your mom and grandmother will once again be reunited. All the best, Mike

  7. Originally from Montreal, Quebec, we have now retired to Moncton, NB. In the last several years we have been exploring the Maritimes as much as we can and two summers ago, we did a drive along Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Shore, headed toward Cape Breton for a few days. We fell in love with Pictou and especially loved Mrs. MacGregor’s Shortbreads!! Thank you for re-kindling our romance for the scenic Northumberland Shore!! Although we have kept up our “friendship” with Mrs. MacGregor’s on Facebook, we must soon return for another taste of shortbread and Pictou!!

    1. Nice! Have you been to Nova Scotia before? I did not make it to Cape Breton when I was there, but hope to go there one day. Hope you have a great time. Cheers, Mike

  8. Thank you for the useful tips! We are hoping that things get back to normal and that we can visit Nova Scotia in July. Would you have a campground to recommend near Pictou. We have a 20ft trailer and would love to camp near this beautiful town for 2-3 nights on our way to Cape Breton.

    1. Hey Renee…my pleasure, thanks for stopping by. You and me both! I’m afraid not, but you might want to contact the town of Pictou, I’m sure they could be of help. Hope you guys have a great time, I’m envious that you are going to Cape Breton, that’s a place I did not visit but really want to.

  9. Visited July 2019 for Honeymoon. Stayed at the Customs house; beautiful granite building with wonderful host. His basement where he served breakfast was an awesome space
    Ate at.Sharon’s with the Natives; met nice people.
    Ate at sub place and they had some native meat dish with special sauce that I inquired about. Proprietor said ooh a virgin and proceeded to give
    Us huge serving on the house.
    We loved Pictou.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Pictou is indeed a lovely place to spend some time. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Mike

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