Favorite pieces of luggage for 2018

As a professional travel blogger I have luggage makers often send me pieces from their latest lines to try out. I thought it would be helpful for you, my travel friends and followers, to provide an overview of my favorite pieces of luggage I’ve used this year. Luggage models often change as quickly as the season, so rather than trying to do a “best of” type post, I thought I’d just share the few pieces I recommend that I’ve used this year.

Delsey CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE is one of my favorite pieces of luggage in 2018: Photo by MikesRoadTrip.com

I took 15 trips in 2018, many were long duration, over-sea trips where my luggage got a workout. I spent a month in India and boarded 11 different flights. I spent a month road tripping all over the Czech Republic. My luggage has been through dozens of airports and stayed at probably four dozen hotels. Few people likely put their luggage through the paces more than professional travel bloggers like me. If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer them.

Lowepro Photostream RL 150 Roller Camera Bag is one of my favorite pieces of luggage for 2018

Lowepro Photostream RL 150 Roller Camera Bag was one of my favorite pieces of luggage for 2018. Photo by: MikesRoadTrip.com

I’m a big fan of Lowepro for their innovative, thoughtfully designed and durable camera bags. Over the years I have had an opportunity to try out many of their products. I used to travel with a large Lowepro Fastpack 350, but found it was getting too heavy, so I moved to a roller bag. The Lowepro Photostream RL 150 is absolutely perfect for my needs, and its low profile design, is perfect for carry on (even for smaller bin space such as the plane featured above). Click the following link for more information on the Lowepro Photostream RL 150. And/or watch the video below.

Features & Specs of the Lowepro Photostream RL 150:

  • Holds 1-2 Pro DSLRs, one with up to 70-200mm lens, several lenses, flashes and other accessories.
  • Streamlined 7.5” depth allows carry-on regardless of aircraft.
  • Drawbridge style hinged door allows easy access to a 15” laptop.
  • 3-stage aluminum trolley & vibration absorbing urethane wheels
  • External Dimensions: 14.76 x 7.28 x 21.85 in
  • Internal Dimensions: 12.40 x 6.10 x 18.90 in
  • Weight: 8lbs

Delsey Cruise Lite Hardside

Delsey CRUISE LITE HARDSIDE luggage at airport by MikesRoadtrip.com

I really like hard-sided luggage for many reasons, but one of my frustrations has always been that hotels rarely take them into consideration. For example, unlike traditional luggage with a flap and a deep trunk that easily rests on a luggage rack, or in the corner of a hotel room, a hard-sided case requires more room and rarely fits in the allocated areas. Finally, someone has answered the call and come up with a solution. The Delsey Cruise Lite Hardside case has a 90/10 split, meaning that rather than opening in the middle, it has a lid like more traditional luggage. You get the durability of a hard case, while being able to easily access your belongings at an airport, or in your hotel room. As the name implies, this piece of luggage is pretty light coming in at just over 9lbs, allowing you to pack more within airline limits. It also has a built-in meter that will highlight a red line should you be over 50lbs. I tested this with a luggage scale and it is pretty spot on.

Features & Specs of the Delsey Cruise Lite Hardside Case

  • Made from 100% polycarbonate, a lightweight and impact-resistant plastic, with scratch-resistant finish.
  • Unique 90-10 top lid opening for easy packing.
  • Top and side carry handles for lifting a fully packed case.
  • ID tag built into the telescopic handle housing.
  • Silent-running double spinner wheels for superior maneuverability.
  • Main compartment includes a flying pocket, lid features a mesh pocket and water-resistant pocket
  • Overall Dimensions: 28x18x11.5 inches
  • Body Dimensions: 24.5x17x10.5 inches
  • Weight: 9.2lbs

Samsonite Novaire 28″ Spinner

The Samsonite Novaire is sleek, sexy and effortlessly glides through airports and hotels. The wheels on this luggage are incredible, even over plush hotel carpeted hallways, the Novaire can make it to your room with little effort. This case has plenty of room for those longer international trips. Sophisticated travelers will appreciate the Novaire’s minimalist look with refined finish and durable design. This case offers a roomy interior with several compartment possibilities, including multiple zippered pockets and a removable handing organizer.

Samsonite Novaire 28" Spinner by MikesRoadTrip.com

Features & Specs of the Samsonite Novaire 28″ Spinner

  • Exterior mounted pull handle (more space inside).
  • Fully lined interior featuring multiple organizational pockets and a removable hanging organizer for toiletries and sundries.
  • The textured shell reduces the visibility of scratches.
  • Four 360 degree spinner wheels provide easy-pivot mobility and glide.
  • Tie down straps to secure possessions inside.
  • Body Dimensions: 27.5″ x 19.5″ x 12.0″
  • Overall Dimensions: 29.25″ x 19.75″ x 12.0″
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

While packing cubes are not necessarily luggage, I thought it worth mentioning these helpful organizing items. I’ve been using the Eagle Creek Packing Cubes for years and find them so helpful in many ways. Packing cubes come in all sizes and varieties these days and are wonderful in keeping things organized within your luggage. I also use them to tote around stuff while traveling. For example, I have a cube for some of my electronics (cables, ear buds, backup battery, etc), that I might need on a plane. I also use one to stow some snacks or other items that I want to easily access during my travels.

Egale Creek packing cubes

I tried out a few other bags this year, but these were my favorite pieces of luggage for 2018.  Leave a comment below with any questions. Or, share your favorite piece of luggage for 2018.

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