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The product reviews on Mike’s Road Trip website are highly helpful for visitors because they provide an in-depth evaluation of the products and give an idea of how they perform in real-life scenarios. The reviews are written by Mike and/or other experienced road trippers (or travelers), who have personally used and tested the products. They provide detailed information on the product’s features, pros, cons, and overall performance. They also include photographs and comparisons to similar products to help readers make an informed decision. The product reviews cover a wide range of items related to road trips, such as GPS devices, camping gear, travel accessories, camera gear and more. They also include information on pricing, availability and the best places to buy the product. Overall, the product reviews on Mike’s Road Trip website are a valuable resource for visitors looking to enhance their road trip experience by using the best and most suitable gear and accessories.

Hangin’ in a Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock UltiraLite Backpaker bag

I've had an ENO packable Hammock for a couple years now and really enjoy it.  A few months ago someone was reading my review of the ENO and left a comment about another backpacking hammock I should try...the Hennessy Hammock.  After reviewing the Hennessy Hammock system online, I saw that...

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Manfrotto Tripod Review

As a travel video blogger, I was on the lookout for a lightweight, yet sturdy and high quality tripod with fluid head.  I had done a ton of research and finally decided on the Italian made, Manfrotto 055XDB tripod with 128RF fluid head.  I purchased the tripod with micro fluid...

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A look at the “Ultima” by CRKT

I’m no knife expert, but I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and really appreciate having good tools available when I need them.  I recently added a new CRKT knife to my collection that I’m quite excited about…it’s called the “Ultima,” and, I got to use it the other day while...

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Armor Lid Follow-up Review

If you’re a follower of Mike’s Road Trip, you know that I often feature applicable “road trip” and outdoor related products.  About a year ago I reviewed the Armor Lid Tonneau Cover—since it’s been so essential to my travels, I thought I’d do a follow up. In addition to keeping...

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Dahlgren: Outstanding Socks for Blister-Free Hiking

Looking for a great pair of performance socks for blister-free hiking and other activities?  Look no further than Dahlgren Footwear socks. I am an avid hiker and backpacker...I can tell you that nothing will suppress your enjoyment more than developing a blister five miles into a ten mile hike.  It's...

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Fenix Flashlights…an excellent choice!

I am a big time gadget fan and am often an early adopter of technology.  I’m always on the lookout for cool products that will enhance my travel and outdoor needs.   A good flashlight is one of those essential items for any road trip, camping or backpacking excursion. Over the...

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Product PICK…the ENO Hammock System

[caption id="attachment_3160" align="alignleft" width="199"] Eagles Nest Outfitters Hammock in front of Mt. Rainier[/caption] For many years now I had been looking for a compact, lightweight hammock that could be used for camping and backpacking. Just recently one of my friends and Mike's Road Trip followers sent me a link to...

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