A look at the “Ultima” by CRKT

I’m no knife expert, but I am an avid outdoor enthusiast and really appreciate having good tools available when I need them.  I recently added a new CRKT knife to my collection that I’m quite excited about…it’s called the “Ultima,” and, I got to use it the other day while out fishing.  The Ultima is an all purpose, tactical/survival, fixed blade knife.  The uniquely crafted, injection-molded black Zytel®handle, is designed to stand up to wet and muddy conditions while providing a sturdy and comfortable grip.

In addition to having an outstanding feel and great performance, the Ultima also has a small pry-bar at the end of the handle for opening cans or other items.  I really appreciate the sheath that comes with the knife; it has belt loops and a leg strap to hold the knife firmly in place on your person.  It also comes with a small pocket for a multi-purpose tool, sharpening stone or flashlight…and, some 550 paracord attached.

If you have an “Ultima” CRKT knife, let my readers and me know what you think by posting a comment below.

CRKT supplied video on the Ulitma.

For more information on the Ultima, including specs, click the following link:  Ultima by Columbia River Knife & Tool.

Mike Shubic

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