Review of the FeiyuTech SPG Plus gimbal rig for smartphones

This is a video and text review of the FeiyuTech SPG Plus handheld gimbal for smartphones.

It seems everybody is creating video content these days, whether for a vlog, a small business or for social media. With so many people creating video content, it is imperative produce the highest quality possible to stand out from the crowd. You need something that can step up the quality of your content without breaking the bank. That’s where an electronic stabilizing gimbal for your smartphone can come in really handy.

FeiyuTech SPG Plus handheld Gimbal Review

The FeiyuTech SPG Plus gimbal is a dual-grip electronic stabilizer for your smartphone. This gimbal rig is perfect for shooting videos on a budget if you already have a smartphone. The image quality of smartphones continues to impress, and by adding stabilization, you can achieve a very professional result. The image quality isn’t the only thing that make a video look good. You need clean steady shots. The FeiyuTech SPG Plus delivers just that, super smooth footage that looks like it was shot by a pro. You can slap your phone in the stabilizing rig and take your shaky handheld shots to the next level.

The dual-grip helps with advanced camera movements, more so than a single grip handheld gimbal. You can move your arms from side to side to mimic a slider shot. You can raise the gimbal from your feet to above your head to mimic a crane shot. Then of course the tracking shots are perfect for walking into a scene. There is also a joystick on the rig that allows you to pan and tilt the camera for smooth accurate shots.

The last feature I would like to highlight is the vertical mode. If you turn the gimbal on its side it automatically balances the phone vertically. Normally you’d never used this in film, but with Instagram and other social outlets allowing vertical video, this is a great feature to have.

Getting the FeiyuTech SPG Plus gimbal rig could be the single best thing you could do to improve your videos across the board. The shots you can get handheld are extremely limited, but with the SPG Plus, your options are wide open. So go out, grab one for yourself and start making better content.

FeiyuTech SPG Plus Gimbal for Smartphones Information:

  • Intelligent Timelapes on-the-go – Utilize the FeiyuTech ON app for creating compelling time-lapse videos.
  • Intelligent Face Tracking – FeiyuTech ON app also features a face identification system to accurately identify and focus on a human face, this is great for creating effortless selfies.
  • Optimized photos in low light – No need for a tripod, you can do long exposures using the FeiyuTech SPG Plus because it holds the camera perfectly steady.
  • Intelligent Vertical Mode for live streamers – Based on the attitude detection, the FeiyuTech SPG Plus will automatically switch to vertical mode, which is perfect for those live streaming to Facebook or posting to Instagram.
  • Run time – The FeiyuTech Plus Gimbal for Smartphones has a pretty impressive run-time at nearly 8 hours. You can also plug in a power bank to keep it running even longer.

If you have any questions about the FeiyuTech SPG Plus gimbal for smartphones, please leave a comment below and we’ll try and answer them. If you have a SPG Plus gimbal and have any feedback, leave a comment below as well. You can purchase this gimbal on Amazon for just $299.

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