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The Best Spring Road Trips for Nature Lovers and Wildflower Seekers

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In this article we explore the best spring road trips in the U.S. for a colorful getaway. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the beauty of spring with these top destinations to see the wildflowers. Spring is the perfect time for road trips, and there's no better...

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Discover the Heart of America with a Route 66 Road Trip

Rev Your Engines, a Route 66 road trip adventure is a road trippers rite of passage. In this post I will provide you with over 30 of the best stops along Route 66, from the Windy City of Chicago to the ocean waves of Santa Monica. Buckle up and let's...

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Top 10 Most Scenic Roads in the U.S.

If you are looking for some of the most scenic roads in the U.S. to explore, the following are my top-10 favorites. If you have any questions about any of these scenic roads, please leave a comment below. Click the following link if you need a travel planner to help...

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The Basics of Car Rentals – Best Sites to rent a car in the USA

There are some beautiful destinations across the U.S., many of which have an abundance of tourist attractions. Getting to the destination is not difficult as local flights are abundant, however, getting to see all the tourist attractions can be difficult, especially for first-time travelers. The problem many new travelers face...

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The ultimate list of Roadside Attractions

Cadilac ranch

As a road trip travel blogger I have come across some fascinating roadside attractions. I thought it would be fun to put together a collaborative article on the best roadside attractions from around the world. To do this, I have enlisted the help of my fellow travel blogger friends to...

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9 Road Trip Hacks for Ultimate Comfort

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How do you take the stress out of traveling? Here are my favorite road trip hacks for ultimate comfort. The idea of traveling is exciting! The overall adventure is awesome! It’s the journey that can often feels long, exhausting or even stressful. Whether you’re in a cramped car with not...

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Road trip towns to tease the senses this summer

Summer is the quintessential time of year in which American families pack up the car for the beloved road trip. Folks often head to one of the nation's awe-inspiring parks, frequently overlooking the small towns in between. A few years ago, as part of the Travel Channel show, “Best of...

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The Perfect Five-Day Northern Arizona Road Trip

A Northern Arizona road trip is filled with wonder and amazement as the landscape dazzles road trippers in a sea of divergent and uncommon beauty, with spine-tingling sights along every stretch, and around every bend in the road. There are many National Parks, monuments and man-made wonders to marvel at...

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Summer road trip destination ideas

25 summer U.S. destination ideas to help plan your next road trip I have been a professional road trip travel blogger for six years now and have had the opportunity to road trip in countries around the world. As an American, the U.S. of course is where I have spent...

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Trifecta of near mishaps

I woke to a beautiful pre-dawn morning and watched the sun rise above the canyon before me, just outside of Canyonlands National Park in the Moab, Utah. Just inside the park entrance is a 4-wheel drive road called, “Shafer Trail.” I wanted to take this road to the canyon floor...

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The Trumbull House…A New England hide-a-way

One of the fascinating features about staying at a B&B is that there is always a story…whether that of the structure, or, of the innkeeper(s).  I recently discovered the oldest bed and breakfast in Hanover, New Hampshire, which is home to the Ivy League’s Dartmouth College.  Just a few miles...

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Road Trippin’ through PA

I haven't been able to update my "road diary" in a while as I've been road trippin' and camping in some remote parts of northern Pennsylvania (limited wi-fi/cell coverage). I've had a fantastic time exploring a number of the state parks along highway 6, which is quite a scenic route....

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