European Road Trip Destination Ideas and a few tips

Road trips are often associated with the idea of cruising down the American highways with the top down and the radio blasting your favorite road trip songs. However, there are thousands of routes you could be missing out on when it comes to the perfect European road trip. In fact, you could enjoy your fill of sights and culture without the long journey to the United States. These are some of the best European alternatives to the classic American road trip


South Of France

With the Euro tunnel creating a direct route, reaching the south of France is now easier than ever! Only 31.4 miles from the United Kingdom through the tunnel, France makes for a great start to your European road trip. With locations such as Marseille offering authentic small town French experiences without hordes of tourists, this is the perfect first stop for a European tour. From colorful buildings to authentic corner shops, you can experience the rustic feel of a French village with minimal travel time.

European road trip to Marseille


With plenty of stunning views and equally amazing roads, it is no surprise that Germany is a popular country for those looking for an authentic European road trip. With large stretches of road leading to the country’s most iconic cities, Germany has something for all travelers. You can drive alongside vineyards, with long stretches of roads spanning for miles one day, and be among the hustle and bustle of a big city the next. Germany is the ultimate destination for those who love to drive fast and enjoy myriad views. Iconic destinations such as Cologne offer Gothic architecture and plenty of history, while Hamburg offers more modern architecture and gastronomic cuisine.

European Road Trip to Brunswick Germany cobblestone street by


With iconic views, amazing food and must-see landmarks, Italy has a little something for everyone. Whether you decide to travel from Marseille to Venice or from Paris to Milan, Italy has amazing views that will brighten up any road trip. Alongside all the traditional holiday destinations in Italy, there are other locations that are less crowed during the warmer months. Locations such as Trapani, located on the western tip of Sicily, provide stunning views and culture without the suffocating crowds that you may come across in the more popular cities.

There are many destinations around Europe that will rival any American road trip. With stupendous views, plenty of culture and fantastic food, there is something for everyone no matter where you travel in Europe.


  • Have a pocketful of local currency for tolls and parking. Speaking of parking, be sure to consult your hotels about parking options. Some hotels have no parking, or, it’s very expensive. I stayed at a hotel in Hamburg, Germany where I was astonished to discover parking was 50 Euro a day!
  • Download routes to Google Maps or Waze (has some great features Google Maps does not) before you leave just in case you don’t have data service.
  • Make sure the car is in the best working condition to avoid breakdowns and and minimize other service issues. Of course, if you’re renting a car, you probably don’t have to worry about this. Note: If renting a car, be aware that most European rental companies use standard/stick shift cars, so if you’re not comfortable, but sure to request and automatic.
  • It’s also important to ensure that you have health insurance for you and others you’re traveling with. With an easy application for European health insurance card, it is now easier than ever to insure yourself and others while traveling to Europe.

If you have any questions about doing a European road trip, please leave a comment below.

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