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AI Tools for Travel Bloggers

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, travel bloggers and content creators are constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate their audiences and streamline their creative processes. Enter the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is revolutionizing the way we wanderlust-driven storytellers craft our content. From generating awe-inspiring visuals to curating bespoke itineraries...

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Most Exciting Travel Trends for 2023: From Digital Detox to Cultural Immersion

Travel Trends for 2023 featured image

Travel trends are constantly evolving and adapting as the industry changes. From health and wellness tourism to adventure travel, the ways in which people travel and experience the world are constantly shifting. The rise of technology, a growing focus on sustainability, and a desire for more personalized experiences are just...

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Discover the Fascinating History and Architecture of Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside, California

Mission San Luis Rey by fountain - photo by Mike Shubic

Mission San Luis Rey, located in Oceanside, California, is one of the most interesting places to visit in the area. Established in 1798, it is one of the 21 historic missions established by Spanish settlers in California. This mission is one of the most significant sites in the state's history,...

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10 Important Questions to ask the Dealer before you drive off the lot with your new RV

In this post I provide you with some important questions to ask your dealer before buying a new RV. RV ownership can provide the freedom and flexibility to travel and explore new places at your own pace. It eliminates the need for expensive hotels and allows you to have all...

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Healthy Road Trip Snack; Amazingly Healthy Muffin Recipe

If you are looking for road trip snack ideas, these paleo healthy muffins are a tremendous option! Not only are these muffins healthy, but they taste great and last a while for those longer road trips. This healthy muffin recipe has flexibility with some of the ingredients, so have some...

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Tips on Renting a car at Orlando International Airport

Renting a car at the orlando international airport

Want to rent a car at the Orlando International Airport? Orlando, often known as the "Theme Park Capital of the World," is renowned as the entrance to prominent tourist sites such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort and an easy road trip to popular Florida cities such as...

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Custom Travel Planner

If you are taking a holiday vacation soon, this custom travel planner will be an invaluable tool to help organize your trip. This Mike's Road Trip custom travel planner has been developed by a well-established professional travel blogger, it allows you to plan and organize your entire trip. This customizable...

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A Golden Opportunity to Experience AU79 – Gold mining in Arizona

Bright, yellow, hard and cold, gold is hoarded, bartered, bought and sold, but is hard to get and heavy to hold. The lure of riches induced people to migrate west for well over a century in search of the illusive and highly prized element. Gold has mesmerized people with its...

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The EV Revolution – How it is changing the future of road trips, our lives, and, the auto industry

The EV Revolution road trip

The EV Revolution is not something in the distant future, it is upon us right now. I was in Norway in late 2019 and quickly observed how many Tesla's were on the road. It seemed that at least a quarter of the cars I saw were Tesla's. Surely my assumption...

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Cinque Terre Weather

Cinque Terre aerial by Mike Shubic of

Cinque Terre weather is fairly mild, but the winter months can be a bit cold, around 3 degrees Celsius for an average low and 11 degrees for an average high (38 low to 52 high in Fahrenheit). The peak summer months can be on the warm side, 18 degrees Celsius...

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Holographic Fanny Pack information and review

Holographic Fanny Pack for plus size women

The Holographic Fanny Pack seems to be all the rage right now and it’s one of the most popular items on Amazon. Among all fanny packs, the plus size fanny packs for women seem to be the biggest hit. There is no denying that these waist packs have made a comeback.  Synonymous with the 1980s,...

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Check for $91.94 in the mail

another check for $91.94

Did you receive a check in the mail for $91.94 recently? Well so did I. These checks from Scharfstein v. BP WCP LLC are part of a suite against ARCO gas stations as part of a multi million-dollar class action settlement that affects nearly two million people, mostly from Oregon....

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Hotel / lodging video examples

Mike of is an award-winning travel video content producer and member of NATJA, SATW and ATTA, three leading travel journalist organizations. He has worked with hotels, resorts and boutique Inns around the world to produce high quality, affordable video content, either for his own channels. or for that of...

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