Tips on Renting a car at Orlando International Airport

Want to rent a car at the Orlando International Airport? Orlando, often known as the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” is renowned as the entrance to prominent tourist sites such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort and an easy road trip to popular Florida cities such as Tampa and St. Augustine.

Renting a car at the orlando international airport

Airport Terminals

The main passenger terminal of Orlando International Airport is divided into two sections: A and B. International and domestic airlines are located on opposite ends of the airport; therefore, check the airport map before your departure. After landing and exiting your arrival gate, you’ll take a brief monorail shuttle to the arrivals and baggage sections.

Orlando International Airport is remarkable because there are many possibilities for renting a car inside the terminal without having to take a bus to a remote lot. Since “cheap car rental Orlando airport” has a location inside the terminal, it’s easier for the traveler to just gather his baggage and get into the luxurious rental car for a comfortable ride to his destination.

If you’ve reserved a car through MCO car rental, the first step is to locate your vehicle. Arriving passengers at Orlando International Airport pick up their bags on the airport’s second level, either side A or B, depending on the airline. Some flights may have luggage picked up on the first level.

Factors to take into account when renting a car from Orlando International Airport

For starters, it can be overwhelming to rent a car. You may have planned your ideal getaway for weeks, months, or even years. Your dates have been scheduled, and you’ve decided which theme parks you want to visit. You’ve even talked about the sights and rides you want to experience, and now you’ve made travel plans. The next consideration is which car rental is best for your vacation. Here are a few points to keep in mind when renting a vehicle at Orlando International Airport.

How many people will be taking the trip?

How many people will be joining you on this holiday is among the first things to consider. This will have an effect on the car you select. Avoid trying to shoehorn five passengers into a sports automobile. Even though there are many car types available at cheap car rental Orlando airport, including economy, sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, you can have enough room for your family to drive peacefully. But still, this is crucial to take into account because when you rent a car from Orlando International Airport, you will also be carrying luggage.

How much luggage are you taking for the trip?

Another item to consider is how much luggage you’ll be taking, as was previously mentioned. Four huge suitcases versus 2-day bags? This is especially important if renting a convertible because these cars have little trunk room. To ensure a comfortable trip throughout Orlando, make advance plans and reserve a rental car at MCO car rental.

Now, you’ve chosen your dates, landed at Orlando International Airport, and reserved your rental car. Here are a few additional factors to think about that are frequently neglected.

Insurance for the rental vehicle

Before leaving your hometown, contact the rental service to find out what your auto insurance covers as well as your credit card that you’ll be using to reserve the car.

Air conditioning system

Orlando is a sunny and humid, so having a rental car with suitable air conditioning is essential to prevent your trip to Orlando from being ruined by the sweltering heat.

Toll Plazas

Most automobile rental companies use the Sun Pass, which immediately charges your credit card for all toll roads, but having quarters on hand may be simpler and more convenient. A few toll roads leading to Walt Disney World will be encountered. The majority of toll roads are unmanned and demand exact change.

All things considered, it’s time to reserve your rental car so you can have the best car rental experience and a special trip to Orlando’s enthralling attractions. BTW, here are some tips for the perfect Florida road trip.

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