Best Travel Video Bloggers in the business

This is a list of the best travel video bloggers and filmmakers

[Preface] This post is going to appeal to three different groups; DMO’s/Brands looking to work with the best travel video bloggers. Up-and-coming travel video bloggers who wish to learn from the best in the business. And finally, those interested in watching/following great travel filmmakers. NOTE: Not every filmmaker listed will appeal to each group. [NOTE: New post Best Travel Video Creators in 2022]

I have been a professional travel video blogger for more than six years now. In the past six years I’ve seen the industry dramatically change the way it markets itself, and have also see the quantity of travel bloggers skyrocket. I also belong to a private Facebook group of over 1300 travel video bloggers and have been in the group since its inception in 2011. I recently saw a member post a comment looking for feedback on their latest video. I enjoy helping others hone their craft and so I decided to watch the video and chime in. What I saw was horrific. The video lacked any redeeming qualities. There was no story, the footage was terrible and the editing was equally poor.

Best Travel Video Bloggers by

While I did not sugarcoat my reply to this wannabe travel video blogger, I did provide some constructive feedback which included a handful of some of the best travel video bloggers for this person to watch and follow. This lead me to my motivation for this post. There are many “best travel video blogger” lists out there, but many I’ve seen have people listed who have absolutely no business being on the list. This is not just my opinion, but rater evidentiary fact. So, I’ve put together a list of who I think are some of the best travel video bloggers in the business. I want this list/post to be organic, so if you feel you and/or someone you follow should be included, please forward me their YouTube Channel, if I agree, I’ll include them in this post.

Video content continues to gain momentum and many DMO’s and Brands are now working with many of us. I want marketers to have a compelling and diverse list of travel video bloggers to refer to, while also providing a resource for up-and-coming travel filmmakers to look up to.

So, what makes a good travel video blogger? First and foremost…storytelling, everything else is secondary. Telling a good story in video is not that easy. Other factors include; filming, editing, audio (so important and so often overlooked), on-camera personality, background music selection and uniqueness of the story and/or scene.

Without further ado, here are some of the best travel video bloggers in the business:

Two For the Road – Nik and Dusty Green
Home Base:  Austin, Texas
Notes: These guys are the entire package! Great filmmakers, top-notch editing, wonderful storytellers and amazing personalities to boot! These guys are already quite successful, but look for them to be household names in the years to come.
Tags: Storytellers, Adventure, Heartfelt, quality footage,

In Transit – Peter Bragiel
Home Base:  Los Angeles, California
Notes: Peter is the entire package! Great storyteller, filmmaker, on-camera persona and top-notch editing. The adventures Peter brings to life are extraordinary, which all started with his epic documentary journey down the entire length of the Mississippi River in a Canoe.
Tags: Adventure, Documentary, Genuine, Storyteller, Quality Footage/Audio, Fun.

Traveling Jules – Juliana (Jules) Broste
Home Base: Denver, Colorado
Notes: Jules has to be the most talented one-person show I know. Her videos are full of personality and her filmmaking and editing are second to none.
Tags: Personality, Storytelling, Quality footage, Quality audio.

Gone with the Wynns – Jason and Nikki Wynn
Home Base: Nomadic
Notes: Another travel video blogging powerhouse couple, Jason and Nikki’s videos are move vlog format with wonderful quality filming and editing. These two are quite comfortable in front of the camera and share some extraordinary experience. After several years of road tripping around the country, they are now setting sail.
Tags: Vlog,

8 Miles from Home – Sacha and Jmayel
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
Notes: These guys are filmmakers! Their work is stunningly visual and well edited! Amazing footage, editing and storytelling.
Tags: Cinematic, Filmmakers, Outstanding Editing

DuzerTV – Ryan Van Duzer
Home Base: Denver, Colorado
Notes: This guy discussed me, he so damn charming, personable, authentic and talented as hell. I’ve only met Ryan once and he’s the kind of guy that people just gravitate toward. He exudes coolness. Okay, maybe I have a man crush on him, but after watching his videos, you will too. Great on-camera personality, story-telling, filming and creative editing…he’s the whole package!
Tags: Adventure, Personality, Fun,

Kick the Grind – Mike Cory
Home Base:
Notes: I had to just copy/paste the same description I wrote about Ryan because I feel very similar about Mike, these two have similar personalities. This guy discussed me, he so damn charming, personable, authentic and talented as hell. I’ve only met Mike once and he’s the kind of guy that people just gravitate toward. He exudes coolness. Okay, maybe I have a man crush on him, but after watching is videos, you will too. Great on-camera personality and creative editing.

Brendon’s Adventures – Brendon van Son
Home Base:
Notes: Brendon comes from a photography background and takes viewers on his photographic adventures around the world.  Videos are vlog format and are not the best footage, nor does he spend a lot of time editing, but his adventures and personality make you want to watch, especially if you’re into photography as Brendon shares his tips, tricks and tools of the trade.
Tags: Vlog, Photographic, Helpful

GrrrlTraveler – Christine Kaaloa
Home Base:
Notes: Raw, authentic and meaningful misadventures, Christine takes viewers around the world and shares the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly, but always with a positive outlook. I love her philosophy about when things don’t always go according to plan, they often make the best stories.

Migrationology – Mark Wiens
Home Base: Bangkok, Thailand
Notes:  no better way to connect with people, than through food.
Tags: Food, Culinary, Culture

Tourist 2 Townie – Gareth Leonard
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Cinematic, Informative, Cultural

Travel with Kate – Kate Thomas
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Informative,

See You Soon – Arienne Parzei
Home Base: Toronto, Canada
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Informative, adventure,

The Blond Abroad – Kiersten Rich
Home Base: Los Angeles, California
Notes: Once you get past her stunning good looks, you will see that Kiersten produces some informative travel videos.
Tags: Vlog, Daily Vlog

Mr. Ben Brown – Ben Brown
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…

David’s Been Here – David Hoffmann
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…

The Travel Vlogger – Brian Cox and Ivette Olivera
Home Base: Barcelona, Spain
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Informative, Cinematic,

The Expeditioner – Matt Stabile
Home Base: Brooklyn, New York
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Informative, Guidebook,

Mindful Wanderlust – Giselle and Cody
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Vegan, Cultural,

Hopscotch the Globe – Kristen Sarah and Siya Zarrabi
Home Base: Toronto, Canada
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Storyteller,

Bare Feet Travels – Mickela Mallozzi
Home Base: NYC, New York
Notes: Mickela experiences the world, one dance at a time and has carved out a unique niche. This Travel Vlogger now hosts Bare Feet, an Emmy® Award-winning TV series that grew from these online videos, and the series is now airing on local PBS stations across the US!”
Tags: Dance, Local, Cultural

Vagabond Brothers
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…

Fun For Louis – Louis Cole
Home Base: ?
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Vlog, Adventure,

Live a Life You will Remember – Christian LeBlanc
Home Base: Nomadic
Notes: Coming soon…
Tags: Vlog, Daily Vlog

Vaga Boom – Demis and Nancy
Home Base: Currently nomadic bicyclists
Notes: Couple who fell in love at first sight are now traveling around the world…on bikes! They are currently in Alaska working their way to Argentina. Their video stories captivate the viewer who will continue to want to know more about this insane journey. The videos are Spanglish (Spanish with bits of English and sub-titles).  Their authentic nature evokes emotion and you can’t help but love Demis and Nancy.
Tags: Vlog, Nomadic, Humanitarian, Cultural, Authentic

Travel Videos for Storytelling Inspiration (These are more cinematic travel videos)

Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.


  1. What a fantastic list Mike! And what an honor to be in the mix. Thanks so much for including us! It really means the world to us! Cheers 🙂

  2. Mike! You have such good taste! If I were to make a list, it would probably look a lot like this, too. 😛 Great round-up of quality video content folks! 🙂 Thank you for the kind words and thank you for including me. 🙂 Jules

  3. Great round up Mike! You’ve just introduced me to many new video bloggers whom I will live vicariously through. 🙂

  4. Mike, this is an awesome list, many of these folks I’ve never heard of before and look forward to checking out. However, you missed one very important video blogger…YOU! You are just as good as everyone on this list and I think you should include yourself! 🙂

    1. Ha! You are too kind Jake. Thank you so much for the kudos. It’s so funny, I have had a few people tell me the same thing and I just told one that if a few more people make the suggestion, that I might just include myself. 🙂 I’m waiting for a few more to chime in. All the best and thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Mike

  5. Thanks for sharing! I had never seen any travel blogs before, but after reading your article I now know I was missing something, so thanks again for making me discover those amazing blogs 🙂

  6. Perfect list for inspiration – nice one! I’ve attempted a few videos too and totally agree with you, it’s not as easy as you might think. My first videos were terrible, didn’t consider many important factors – sound (wind noise!) lighting (shooting into the sun!) and often a muddled storyline. It’s odd to miss these elements as I’m a photographer!

    Have to say huge thanks for taking the time to compile this list, I already follow Brendan VanSons adventures but will take inspiration from all these videos and apply it to my next effort.


  7. I absolutely love travel so I follow many of these video bloggers. Im so happy to be introduced to many folks I was not familiar with. There is however one missing from the list Mike, and that is you! Ive been following Mikes Road Trip for at least a couple of years now and I really appreciate your informative and genuine approach. Plus, you’re not so hard on the eyes. 😉 Keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Jill, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing. So glad I could introduce you to some new talented travel video bloggers. Ha! Thank you for the sweet comment, much appreciated. 🙂 All the best, Mike

  8. Epic list! Thanks for putting this together Mike. Personally I’m a big fan of Migrationology and Vagabrothers, but def. looking forward to checking out the whole list!

    Keep up the good work, the site looks great.

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