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Life Saving Road Trip Tips

Road Trip Tips that could save your life by MikesRoadTrip.com

These are some of my life saving road trip tips that I hope you will find helpful.  As the "Most road tripped man in the world," I have a few miles under my belt and have had my fair share of close-calls. I thought it would be helpful to put...

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9 Road Trip Hacks for Ultimate Comfort

Road trip hacks license plate by MikesRoadTrip.com

How do you take the stress out of traveling? Here are my favorite road trip hacks for ultimate comfort. The idea of traveling is exciting! The overall adventure is awesome! It’s the journey that can often feels long, exhausting or even stressful. Whether you’re in a cramped car with not...

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52 Tips to a Perfect Get-Away

AUDIO SAMPLE [playlist ids="24049"] CONTACT INFORMATION Email Mike at: Mike@MikesRoadTrip.com or call 480-983-3100 to place an order or get more information. Individual downloads available at Amazon. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION As a professional travel blogger for many years, Mike has taken his knowledge and experience and created something that will truly help...

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Road Trippin’ through PA

I haven't been able to update my "road diary" in a while as I've been road trippin' and camping in some remote parts of northern Pennsylvania (limited wi-fi/cell coverage). I've had a fantastic time exploring a number of the state parks along highway 6, which is quite a scenic route....

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