Guide to Adventurous Road Trips in the French Alps

If the sound of waterfalls, the sight of dramatic mountain peaks and adventurous hiking excites you, you should definitely consider one of these road trips in the French Alps. This area of France is so majestic that it looks like a classical painting or Photo-shopped image. This is a very popular part of the world over amongst tourists for its scenic delights and Apremont wine.

Road Trips in the French Alps

Road trips are all about scenic journeys, and French Alps have a lot to offer. If you are visiting during winter, you are in for a treat! You can experience world-famous alpine skiing. In the spring, it’s white-water rafting.

Adventurous Road Trips in the French Alps

Listed below are several recommended road trips that you can take for a deep dive into the mountainous region of the French Alps.

Col De La Bonette

Col De La Bonette road trip

This magical road is the highest in Europe. As you wind up the curvy road, the scenery gets quite beautiful, with a gradient of green at the bottom, while the barren landscape toward the top showcases snow-capped peaks. After only a few bends in the road, you will be enamored by the sounds of waterfalls and whistling marmots. Once you reach the peak, you might get a glimpse at the abundant wildlife in the Mercantour National Park.

Col du Mont Cenis

French Alps road trip ideas

If you are planning to go on a road trip to Col du Mont Cenis, don’t forget your camera. For bikers, there are many rough terrains that you can take crossing the panoramic views. Watching the sheep herds and chirping birds as the wind blows through your hair is like being on the set of of a French movie! Thankfully this is not fiction, but rather can be reality if you travel through Mont Cenis pass.

At the end of this journey, you will be rewarded with the mystical turquoise lake. You will be content beyond imagination.

Ecrins National Park

French Alps road trip to Ecrins National Park

This national park is a delight for those who are interested in hiking, water water sports and other fun summer Alps activities. Once you see how beautiful the hiking trails are and experience the wildlife, you will see why it’s a big hit with hikers.

The park is home to different landscapes including rolling hills, pristine lakes, glacier valleys and alpine pastures. There are trails everywhere, each leading to a fantastic view, so put on your hiking shoes for a wanderlust treat.

France to Austria

French Alps road trip to Austria

The best way to see the countryside and dramatic landscapes of Europe is by the road tripping. If you are traveling from France to Austria, the Carnic alps  provides a panoramic setting that is not to be missed. Whether it is a family trip or romantic rendezvous, the winding roads and mighty mountains are sure to make your journey memorable.

Provence to the Alps

Provence lavender fields

Thanks to the lavender fields and beautiful villages, the road from Provence to the Alps is nothing short of magical. The best time to go on this journey is summer if you wish to catch the lavenders in full bloom. On this route, you will be passing through stunning villages, each with its own uniqueness. One spot that you shouldn’t miss is Gorges De Verdon, which is another major tourist attraction. Its clear turquoise water is sure to uplift your spirits.

On this journey make sure you stay in a French Villa for an unforgettable experience. Staying in a luxurious Provence villa will supply plenty of peace and tranquility.

Taking one of these road trips will make you fall in love with the different shades of nature. From waterfall to awe-inspiring valleys, pristine forests to crystal clear lakes, everything seems to have just come alive as if out of a storybook.

If you have any questions about doing a French road trip through the Alps, leave a comment below.

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