Guide to Holiday Road Trips in Greece

As you plan your road trip around Greece, get ready to experience the incredible beauty that nature and history has to offer. Greece is a place with unparalleled beauty and an expansive past that will thrill history buffs. Expect to be embraced by the gorgeous views as you explore Athens and Peloponnese. A Greek holiday road trip will surprise you around every bend in the road. Vineyards and photo ops will have you stopping more often than you can imagine.  Excited by the prospect? Keep reading…

Holiday road trips in Greece

Holiday Road Trips in Greece

We have put together a few Greece road trips we recommend for the holidays. You are sure to have an experience of a lifetime. After all, Greece is where god’s walked the earth. You can try the local wine, go hiking and so much more.

Athens, Greece

Parthenon in Athens Greece by Mike Shubic of

You’ll likely fly into Athens, so this makes for the perfect starting point. Athens is the capital city of Greece and is world-famous for its archaeological beauty. When you plan your road trip, there are many amazing sites you cannot miss in Athens along with several nearby road trips. We recommend the following:

  • Within Athens: Don’t miss the Acropolis. Changing of guards at the Syntagma Square, and Mount Lycabettus.
  • Athens to Meteora: Around 354 miles from Athens, Meteora has a lot of mountain perched monasteries. For nature lovers, it’s an ideal Greece holiday spot.
  • Athens to Delphi: Known as the navel of the world, Delphi has an artistic significance. You will feel close to the Greek gods as it is exploding with archaeological places.

It’s worth noting if you are considering flying into Athens, there is a fair chance of flight delays which entitles you for EU area flight delay compensation as long as you per-register. You want to make sure you can hit the road without any hiccups.

Santorini, Greece

Holiday Road Trips to Santornini Greece

There is a buzz about this island in the Aegean sea. It is one of those rarest places around the world where you can adore clear waters. The ideal time to visit this vibrant bunch of islands is spring. From Santorini, you can take a small road trip to Oia, a small village situated on an impressive cliff.

The place is most famous amongst couples on for all the romance in the air. Imagine standing at a scenic balcony and gazing at the expansive beauty making memories.

Like to learn more about this popular island? Here are some fascinating facts about Santorini.

Crete, Greece

holiday road trips to crete greece

It is the most populous island in Greece that is inscribed by more than a thousand years of Minoan history. Crete is the best holiday road trip in Greece for families. You can take a walk around the gorgeous European valleys and feel the close proximity with nature. For beach lovers, sunbathing on white sand beaches beneath the tall pine trees is an absolute delight.

If time allows, be sure to walk around the quaint villages bordering Crete for an up-close look at Greek culture.

Rhodes, Greece

Holiday road trips in Greece to Rhodes

Rhodes is a fascinating urban, but family friendly Greece holiday destination, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year. It is a large island which has so much to offer, including heritage sites, beaches and small villages with warm and welcoming locals.

The stone-paved alleys and classic mansions might actually make you feel as if you have time traveled to the medieval fairy tale.

Corfu, Greece

Greece road trip to Corfu

Corfu is highly influenced by the Venetian, French and British cultures, making it a modern town with multicultural charm. Peel yourself from the town and move ahead to the coasts of Corfu. It nestles some of the most beautiful beaches of Greece surrounded by mighty mountains.

The famous Achillion Palace and Men Repos Palace will make you fall in love with this Greek island. One thing that you never want to miss is local food, with varied seafood options available. While in Corfu, travel like a local and get the most of this gorgeous island.

From fascinating beaches to mighty mountains, Greece has a lot to offer. Plan your holiday and set on to a journey of exploration. If you have any questions about holiday road trips in Greece, please leave a comment below.

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