4 Road Trip alternatives around the world when you get bored of the car

Are you looking for ways to enjoy a road trip without driving a car? Whether you’re on a tight budget, don’t have a driving license, or you simply get bored of the car, there are plenty of options to enjoy a road trip without the need of driving a car.

Road Trip alternatives include scooters

When people think of road trips, the images that often come to mind involves driving a car and cruising down a beautiful mountain road, or zipping through a scenic coastal route. But road trips are not only limited to cars. Technically speaking, a road trip can refer to any adventure that involves traveling down a road. In fact, a car-less road trip has many advantages. It does not require intricate planning and is much cheaper than renting a car, which means you can save both time and money!

Curious about road trips around the world without a car? Check out these ideas.

Quad Biking Dubai

Offering plenty of thrilling activity options for novices and seasoned experts, Dubai is an excellent destination for adventure seekers of all kinds. Places like Dubai Autodrome and XDubai are particularly appealing to visitors seeking fun and exciting activities to indulge in. One of the activities you must experience on your visit is quading around the desert. It’s so much more exciting than desert safari because instead of riding on a 4×4 vehicle, you will be driving an ATV bike through the desert sands!

Road Trip alternatives in Dubai on a quad.

Quad biking in Dubai is a popular activity due to the city’s stunning natural landscapes. Even if you explore these sandy surfaces regularly, there will always be something exciting for you to check out. The shapes of these tracks keep on changing, making it more challenging even for seasoned thrill-seekers.

Quad bikes offer the excitement of racing on a bike, but it is so much safer than four wheels. Since quad biking is popular during holidays in Dubai, you will find many companies that offer quad biking tours. You can book a single quad biking session or choose a complete package that includes desert safari, camel riding, dinner, cultural shows, and of course, quad biking.

Cycling Provence

With its scenic mountains, picturesque ancient villages, and gorgeous lavender fields, Provence is undoubtedly the most beautiful region of France. In fact, some of the world’s most popular artists and historians have been drawn to this region for its culture and breathtaking scenery. There are many ways to explore Provence and discover its unique charm. Consider cycling if you want to experience the region in the most exciting way possible.

Cycling through Provence is a feast for all senses. During your journey, you’ll pass through gorgeous sleepy villages and into vineyards, cherry orchards, and olive groves. Follow the region’s deserted mountain roads and rivers towards the charming hill towns of Bonnieux, Oppede-le-Vieux, Roussillon, and Menerbes.

While most tourists would prefer to explore Provence on a car, exploring Provence on a bike has many advantages. It’s healthier and way more fun! Plus, the region has quiet country roads with less traffic, so it’s totally safe to explore on a bike. Along the way, you’ll come across medieval castles, marvellous churches, and fascinating Roman sites. Take note that the road surfaces of Provence will vary and could change within a few miles, from rugged old stone roads to roads as smooth as velvet.

Coach Tripping England

You have probably gone road tripping in England many times before, and now you’re looking for some unique ways to discover the country. Why don’t you go coach holidaying in the UK? Coach tripping, also known as coaching, requires riding on a guided tour bus that follows a specific schedule. Whether you are looking to explore England’s bustling cities, charming seaside resorts, stunning scenery, and historical points of interest, coaching tripping in England is a one-of-a-kind experience!

Coaching is popular among British holidaymakers, and it’s easy to see why. Distinctly lacking in the stresses of booking a regular holiday, coach tripping is a pre-planned holiday that already comes with itineraries and accommodations. This means that you will not have to worry about deciding which places to visit, what to do, or where to stay. Once you book the tour, you can enjoy the convenience of sitting on a bus, and an experienced tour guide will plan the itinerary and excursions on your behalf.

Your coach trip to England may include visiting the country’s national landmarks, guided tours of historic villages and major cities, extended stops to explore some points of interest, and accommodations with meals. Depending on the tour you will book, some of the most popular destinations for coach tripping in England are the Yorkshire Coast, the towns of the West Country, including the beaches down the south.

Motorbike Route 66

If quad biking, cycling, or coach tripping are not your cup of tea, an adventure-packed motorcycle tour may just be the road trip that you need. Anyone who has experienced a motorcycle road trip knows just how exciting the experience is. Being alone with your thoughts on this adventurous journey can be very interesting and something that every adventure-seeker should experience at least once in their lifetime. That said, if you are planning to go on a long-distance motorbike trip, the first step is to decide where to go.

Stanin on a corner in Winslow Arizona

The United States would be a great place to go on a motorcycle trip, and nothing beats the legendary Route 66 when it comes to this. Also known as the Main Street of America, Route 66 runs from Chicago to LA across eight states and three different time zones. If you want to experience the best that America has to offer on a road trip, then this is definitely the best way to do it.

Along the way, you will stop at museums to get insights into the culture and history of the country. Check out some unique attractions as well, including old trading post filling stations, diners, and motels. Drive through the ever-changing landscapes of small American towns, from the vast expanse of Texas to the magnificent Grand Canyon National Park.

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