Into the heavens on the Palm Springs Aerial Tram

The Palm Springs Aerial Tram is a pretty amazing local attraction, it’s not just some basic chairlift taking you up a mountain, but rather an “aerial experience” if you will. The 80 passenger tramcars actually rotate during your ascent/descent, providing everyone with a fantastic view. When you consider that Palm Springs is just a few hundred feet above sea level and that the top of the tramway is over 8500 feet, it’s like being transported to a different world in just a 10 minute ride—you go from low lying desert to a forest of trees in a totally different climate zone.

Palm Springs aeiral tram by Mike Shubic of

Once you get to the top of the Tramway there are over 85 miles of hiking trails to explore during the summer months, with many miles of cross country skiing, snowshoeing and other alpine sports during the winter.  If hiking isn’t your thing, you can just relax in the lounge, or perhaps partake in a culinary experience at the Peaks Restaurant and enjoy the spectacular views.

My aerial tram ride was during the day, but after seeing pictures of what it’s like during the evening, I cannot wait to go back!  I can’t imagine anything more romantic than having dinner with all the city lights in the distance—weddings must be quite popular.

View from Palm Springs Tram by

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Palm Springs Aerial Tram Information:

Phone: (888) 515-TRAM (8726)
Address: One Tram Way, Palm Springs, CA. 92262

Tramway Prices: Adults; $23.95, Seniors $21.95; Children $16.95

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  1. An group here in the seaside city of Port Angeles, WA has been trying to get a tram off the ground for years. If it looks that good in the desert, imagine what one would look like here at the foot of the Olympic Mountains!

  2. My company has written the plan for a Gondola from Port Angele harbor to the mountain outside the Olympic national park. There are a few project killers that cant be disclosed.

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