Arcosanti…the domicile of the future?

Arcosanti is an urban laboratory experiment located in the middle of the high desert just northeast of Cordes Junction, Arizona.  This unique facility was the brain child of the famed architect, Paolo Soleri, the last remaining disciple to study under Frank Lloyd Wright. 

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Arcosanti has been in development for over forty years. Until his passing in 2013, the urban experiment was under the close watch of Mr. Soleri himself, as well as his many passionate students and stewards to this unique way of planning/building.

Arcosanti is designed according to a concept called “arcology (architecture + ecology),” which was developed, and the term coined, by Mr. Soler. The Italian architect believed that this form of building and living, ends up interacting as organs would in a highly evolved state. Arcology means that the many systems of a culture or community work together, with the efficient circulation of people and resources. For example, multi-use buildings, solar orientation for lighting, heating/cooling and so on.

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Simply stated, the focus of this urban laboratory is on pursuing lean alternatives to metropolitan sprawl through innovative design, with an accountability to the environment.

Arcosanti is open to the public for daily tours, with a modest $10 suggested donation—they can also accommodate specialty tours, like for students, or large groups.  There are also a number of monthly events to enjoy, from art shows to music festivals.  If you want to get a feel for what it might be like to live the “Arcosanti lifestyle,” they have a number of guest rooms available…again, at very modest prices.

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If you find yourself driving down I-17, do yourself a favor and pull off at Cordes Junction and follow the signs to Arcosanti (it’s only a short drive, albeit on a bumpy dirt road).  If you’ve been to Arcosanti before, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

For more information, visit or call: 928-632-6212

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