Phoenix Sunset Contrails

Illustration of what the sky looked like

Rarely are we able to capture the truly magical moments in life on film or video…case in point was what I experienced this evening.  I went for a lovely walk—half way through, I was greeted with an amazingly unique view…a sunset like none other.  The atmospheric conditions must have been perfect because all the planes that were heading west to Phoenix Sky Harbor, were leaving these lasting contrails…it looked like a bunch of sun rays as the setting sun made each glow with an amber hue.  It was incredibly unique…as a matter of fact, I was just watching the news and they showed some viewer submitted images.

These unique moments in life often happen in a split second, or catch us off guard without any way of capturing the event, as was the situation with me…I hadn’t brought my camera on the walk.  🙁

Fortunately, we have the internet and a few others captured what I saw, albeit this video does not do the event/sight justice.

Mike Shubic

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