Visiting Port Gamble, Washington

Port Gamble is a darling little town located on the shores of the scenic Hood Canal. I understand Port Gamble to be owned by one entity, the Port Gamble Mill, which is the only company-owned  town left in the Puget Sound area—all the homes and businesses are leased to its occupants. Prior to its closing in 1995, the Port Gamble Mill was the oldest continuously operating sawmill in North America.

The town is immaculately maintained…all the homes and buildings are colorfully (but tactfully) painted, each with their own distinct personality. It reminds me of a “Pleasantville” of sorts, or a movie set even.

For such a small community, Port Gamble has a lot to offer its visitors…from a community center right on the bluffs of Hood Canal, to spacious parks, wedding venues, a museum to quaint shops and stores like Dauntless Books and the General Store and Cafe, which is still just that. The General Store sells groceries, clothing, a wide variety of gifts, toys and gourmet foods along with a deli that features homemade favorites, including ice cream. There are also antique shops, a trading company featuring local artists, a day spa, a truffle shop and much, much more . . .

It seems nearly ever week there is something going on in Port Gamble…from ghost walks, Medieval Faire, bike races and runs, Civil War re-enactments, music festivals, etc.

The 120-acre National Historic Landmark is complete with picturesque, turn-of-the-century buildings filled with antiques, historic church, breathtaking views, expansive grounds and New England style houses on maple and elm tree-lined streets…it’s certainly a place worth stopping.

Click the following links to see Pictures of Port Gamble and video of the Olympic Peninsula area.

For a video overview of Port Gamble, click below:

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  1. Mike,

    What a beautiful day to visit port gamble unfortunately you missed many of the best features. Port Gamble’s access to outdoor recreation is second to none and someday it will be known for this fun. From Port Gamble you can mountain bike 4000 acres of some of the best single track in Washington as well as paddle the pristine waters of Hood Canal and Puget Sound on day and multi-day adventures.

    Next time your in town there’s a kayak and mountain bike waiting for your off-road adventure.

    thanks for the designation,

    John Kuntz
    Olympic Outdoor Center

    1. Hi John, thanks for stopping by and posting a comment! I hear ya about the limited coverage…I would be happy to come by again next time I’m up in the PNW and do a revised video/story…and, take you up on your offer. 🙂 All the best. Cheers, Mike

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