A Humorous Hike up Silly Mountain

View of the Superstitions from Silly Mountain

Sorry about the title of this post, I couldn’t help making a play on the name, “Silly Mountain.” 🙂  Silly Mountain Park is located right off of U.S. 60 in between Apache Junction and Gold Canyon, Arizona (GPS: 33.379882 – 111.48973). Over the past couple of years there have been many trail renovations to the park and it’s becoming more and more refined…providing enjoyment for hikers and mountain bikers.

The hike at Silly Mountain is easy to moderate, with only the summit trail providing any level of difficulty, and even that is pretty moderate if you stay on the path.  There are a number of different trails you can take, each providing its own vantage point of the area, including spectacular views of the Superstition Mountains to the north/northeast.  To the west you’ll find vista views of the Valley of the Sun.  You can can stay on a circumference trail, or make your way to the summit where you’ll find unobstructed 360 degree views.

Silly Mountain also has an improved trail at the trailhead called, “The Botanical Walk.”   This is a short, but enjoyable walk highlighting various desert vegetation, while also providing wonderful views of Superstition Mountain.

Quick Facts:

  • Trailhead Elevation is 1727′
  • Elevation gain is 412′
  • Summit is 2139′
  • Distance (depending on trail/route) about 1 mile

The Phoenix area has two very popular recreational hikes…Camelback and Squaw Peak (AKA Piestewa Peak), these mountains are heavily used among residents and visitors alike.  As the far east valley grows, you will see the popularity of Silly Mountain increase as it’s a great place for exercise, recreation and views.  Silly Mountain is a great area to come and watch one of the famous Phoenix sunsets.

Here’s a list of some of the trails…with brief description:

  • Brittle Brush: A great circumference trail.
  • Superstition View: As you would expect from the name…great views of the Superstition Mountains.
  • Palo Verde: A cool intro to the park.
  • Jackrabbit: Steep and loose, but fun.
  • Coyote Loop: Exciting, but some obstacles in spots.
  • Old Baldy: A wonderful climb from Superstition View.
  • Crest: A more technical hike, but very doable.
  • High Point: This is also known as the summit trail…spectacular 360 degree views.

If you’ve been to, or hiked Silly Mountain before, please tell my readers and me which trail you like best?

Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.


  1. I used to enjoy taking my dogs for a walk around and up silly mountain every day. For years I did this. But then someone decided that they couldn’t leave well enough alone. You know the type they feel that they have to fiddle with everything. And now when I take my dogs up the mountain people get upset when they have to step aside for my dogs Or they grunt there discontent at me when they pass by. So I want to give a thanks a lot for nothing to that fantastic goup of volenteers who completely destroyed my enjoyment of taking my dogs up there. Mostly accomidating the winter vistors. who are the most angry residents here. Go figure.

  2. I don’t mind dogs on trails. My only objection is the piles of droppings left behind. Most people clean up after their dogs but there are a few who ruin the hike for others.

  3. Yeah I know, now if we could only get GOD to pick up after those peske coyotes, rabits, deer, antelope, mountain lions and bears that have owned those trails a lot longer than we have. just sayin. Ever wonder what they think when we go treading all over there houses and then complain about there relatives leaving dropping behind. Kick em all out were blazing a trail.

    1. Hey Dan, kinda of a odd comment…I’m pretty sure that you could combine all of the animals you listed and you’d rarely see any of their “dung” on the trail. #JustSayin’ 🙂 Treading on wildlife land is an entirely different topic.

  4. I hike this trail 6 out of 7 days a week…great trails for all to enjoy and most of the dog owners follow the common rules..there are however some normal hikers that do seem to give attitude to the dog owners….just ignore them and enjoy your hike…I especially like huff and puff myself! Todd

  5. What is ment by, ” unauthorized visitor?” Does this mean a permit is required?

  6. There was a sign that said unauthorized persons would be fine $2500 and possible jail, I’d have to go look at it again it was over on the left side. So, I wanted to know what was an unauthorized person.

  7. Off to the left, going up the Superstition View, when you get to the back side, there are a few trails that lead to the houses on the backside of Gold Canyon. I know that the city only has a specific amount of the mountain back there that belongs to them and then the land becomes either part of the HOA back there or federal..I believe there is a sign posted about the Unathorized persons on that side. I’ve seen the ranger up there a few times busting people that ventured off into that section, but you will always see some people running that section or coming up to Silly from that way from the houses….

  8. I love the trails on Silly Mountain, I’ve been going almost religiously the last few weeks. I can’t really say which one I like best as each one has its benefits and I usually will hike more than one.

    Beautiful place!

  9. Hey Mike,

    Are there trails maps for running? I just found Silly Mountain the the other day and would love to do some trail running. Is it aloud?

    1. Hi Shawn. I don’t know if any maps, but you don’t need them, the area is quite open and easy to navigate. Yeah, running should be no problem. Enjoy…it’s a great area, especially the backside. Cheers!

  10. I love all the trails here! and just take one to the next until I come to The End of the Trail then circle back around. However, I don’t think I’ve ever taken the Huff and Puff when ascending… Does anyone know if it is more difficult than the Old Mine Trail that goes up the north side of the mountain?

  11. How long does it take to do the summit hike? Is it difficult? I want to take my 6 and 9 year old.

    1. Hi Christy…well, it all depends on physical ability…and, the kids. 🙂 It’s not difficult at all, I would say 30-45min., depending on which trail (there are 3 I think to choose from). The only part that may be difficult about the “summit” is the last little bit. Depending on where you ascend, it’s a bit steep and there are some loose rocks. It’s a great hike that provides some awesome views. Enjoy and please report back if you go. Cheers, Mike

  12. I was thinking of taking some Webelos Scouts here for the Arrow of Light day hike requirement. Is there a trail that you would recommend?

    1. Hey Kristy…thanks for stopping by. The trails are all about the same as far as difficulty (which are pretty moderate). The biggest difference is the vantage points. Once you get there you can have a look at the options at the trail head. BTW, I think this would be a great area to do a Scouts hike. Stop back by and let me know how it went. Cheers, Mike

  13. Just spent several hours hiking Silly Mountain with my 11 year old and 9 year old. Had a great time. Took palo verde, superstition view, huff & puff, crest view and high point to get to the top. Great hike up and my girls had no problem making it to the top.

    For the return trip we took crest view to old baldy to coyote loop to jack rabbit to superstition view to palo verde. Really enjoyed the hike down, We even saw a pack of 6 white tail mule deer. We walked within 25 feet if them without scaring them off.

    The girls did get tired near the end. We all agreed Huff & Puff was most challenging and look forward to a rerun trip to give Old Mine a go.

  14. I took all three of my kids ages 5,11,12 , not sure which trail or trails we did but we packed lunch and ate at the highest point. We had a great time and they still had energy when we were done. Got a lil warm by lunch but with plenty of water we enjoyed every bit of it. Next time we’ll start earlier and do more hiking to wear em out.

    1. Hey Naomi…thanks for sharing. Yes, this is a perfect hike for kids, not too difficult or long, but a lot of fun with some great views. Yep, this time of year is a bit warm, but glad you enjoyed it.

  15. I remember climbing to the top in the seventies smoking a cigarette or two and enjoying the solitude of a sunrise or sunset. Now it is infested with two legged critters.

    1. It’s a great spot for that, but you’re right…tough to find the solitude anymore. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Cheers, Mike

  16. This place is hardly worth visiting. Short trails, overcrowded with obese people. Great views of cookie cutter homes and the lovely and busy hwy 60. Who cares about the dog owners, its the teens taking Instagram photos and smelling of cheap cologne that will annoy you. Why would anyone ever hike here when you have the beautiful Superstition mountains in eye sight.


  17. We hike the trails here once or twice each winter and enjoy all the 2-legged AND 4-legged hikers! My sister is part of the garden club that developed the botanical walk at the bottom, so the mountain has special meaning for me. We hiked this waaaay back in the late 80’s and I have to say the development of trails is a good thing!

    1. Hi Linda…yes, they have indeed done a nice job developing the trails. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. Cheers, Mike

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