Planning Your Perfect Road Trip

 Some people think that the perfect road trip simply involves getting in the car and driving. Unfortunately it’s rarely this simple – discovering those hidden gems you’ll only find on the road requires slightly more preparation in most cases. Fortunately with just a little bit of effort before you set out, you’re almost guaranteed to have a much better road trip than if you just set out and hope for the best. Here’s a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you plan your next road trip.


Plan your journey, but keep it loose
Ideally you should have a loose idea as to where it is that you want to drive, and when you want to be going. While you don’t need to plan your specific route down to the exact minute you want to arrive at each service station, a loose plan is definitely the way to go. The more you plan now, the less you will have to think on your feet should you find that a highway is closed, a petrol station is dry or that the weather has taken a turn for the worse.

Know what to take and what to leave behind
A big part of planning any trip is checking the weather before you leave. suitcaseDon’t just check the reports for the next week or so – check the reports for this time last year. If you’re about to drive through the countryside during rainy season it’s probably best that you plan for rainy weather and leave your shorts back at home. On one hand it’s better to plan for the worst and hope for the best – on the other hand, anything you take which you don’t need will affect the weight of the vehicle and thus your fuel efficiency. Decide in advance what you will need and what you can afford to leave behind.

Brush up on your language skills
Going abroad on your road trip? It’s always best to brush up on the basics before you leave. While English is by far one of the most spoken languages around the world, it’s not a good plan to simply assume that by speaking English you’ll be fine. Learn the words for your basic amenities just in case, and if nothing else you’ll have a little peace of mind. If you’re heading somewhere where English is the spoken language, try brushing up on local slang – you don’t have to use it yourself, but you can still take pride when you catch it in conversation, and understand what is being said.

Get your jabs up to date
Your need for vaccinations will obviously vary depending on where it is you’re going. jabsHowever vaccinations are important enough that if you’re tripping abroad, they’re a precaution you need to take. Check with your local doctor about any vaccinations you may need, and try to get them done 6-8 weeks before you leave, where possible.

Organise your insurance
Insurance comes in many forms, and they’re all much better to have and not need than need and not have. From vehicle insurance to health insurance, things going wrong during a road trip can be costly when you haven’t planned properly. Make sure that your vehicle insurance includes breakdown cover wherever it is you’re heading, and make sure that your health insurance policy is up to date. If you’re travelling in Europe, make sure that your European Health Insurance Card (the card formerly known as the E111) is up to date. This will grant you access to state-funded healthcare in most European countries, potentially saving you a small fortune should the worst happen.

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Mike Shubic

Mike Shubic is a seasoned road trip travel video blogger, traversing the byways of the world looking for those hidden gems of the road. From unique destinations, unexpected discoveries, creative cuisine, intriguing inns to exciting attractions…the road is his page. The experiences are his ink. And every 300 miles, a new chapter begins. Whether you live vicariously or by example, Mike will do the exploring so you can have an adventure.