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This travel photo gallery is a collection of some of my best pics for each destination I visit. Please enjoy these pictures, but DO NOT use them without express written consent. Each picture has been taken by Mike Shubic and is the copyrighted property of Mike’s Road Trip.

The central coast of Newfoundland offers visitors a pretty spectacular look at nature in all her glory. From rugged coastline with whales swimming through iceberg littered waters to wildlife and idyllic fishing villages, Central Newfoundland is pretty special.


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    1. Oh, I’m afraid I don’t recall. It would really depend on the level of lodging, restaurants and other activities on the overall cost. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Hope you make it there one day, Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. Cheers, Mike

  2. What an incredible photo gallery you have. So many nice images from around the world. Kudos.

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  4. Wow! What a nice article about Beloit. I grew up there. But left as soon as I turned 18, give or take a year or two. It seems like it’s changed alot, for the better. Glad to hear. Great pictures!

  5. Mike,
    I saw your “Stranded by a Flash Flood While Camping in Southern Utah” on YT before I went on two trips to that general area back in September 2018 and 2019. I ran across it again, just this past week and I took it as a challenge to look for that site because I did not see anything in the comments for this YT site of this trouble NOR did I see anything in your writings concerning that location.

    When pressed, you vaguely stated that it was east of Lake Powell and north of Monument Valley, roughly. So like I said, I took it as a challenge to find your location last night (March 26) and tonight I finally found it. Due to what looked a large amount of water going by your site, I kept looking for a sideroad as you indicated back in the Dirty Devil and Colorado Rivers area but nothing matched up so I went further south on Rt 95 and looking for what was available in the video, I found the matching terrain as well as the guard rails on 95 and finally, the tunnel under 95.

    Just copy and paste these coordinates in Google Earth and you’ll see this area of concern. I think it is important to post this info on this location as well as on the YT video so other people will see where you were in order to make sure they don’t make the same mistake you did if there is bad weather on the horizon. This area is roughly a half mile south of the turnoff for Road 207A on Rt 95 and further north, just under twelve more miles (more or less) to the west is the turn for the Hite area.

    37°44’34.40″N 110°16’48.10″W

    On that trip in 2018, I wanted to drive up to the Upper Cathedral area of Capitol Reef but as one lady at the “Hole in the Rock” store in Hanksville told me, “if you drive up there and get stuck (because a storm that originated in the California Baja just blew thru that area so there were many washed out roads), it will cost at least $1500 to come and get you.”

    That definitely changed my mind about pushing my luck during wet weather conditions in areas like those. I hope this helps people in the future to keep track of the weather as well as the surrounding terrain.


    1. Hi Ron, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the info about the location. The reason I never shared it is because I didn’t know the exact location. It was nearly dark when I arrived and when I left I was so grateful I never paid attention to the mile marker. That is so cool that you found it. It really is an amazing place to camp, eh? You’re right though, not worth pushing your luck during the rainy season. Thanks for watching the video as well. All the best, Mike

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