Mother Road beer and pizza

I’m staying in downtown Flagstaff for the next couple of nights at the historic Hotel Weatherford, where there are a lot of dining options within walking distance. I strolled just a couple blocks south of the hotel to the Mother Road Brewing Company, which I heard had some of the best local beer in town. When visiting a local microbrewery, I love getting a flight to try out all of different styles and flavors. At Mother Road they had quite a variety, from barrel aged ale’s, stouts to IPA’s. The alcohol percentages also had quite a range, from 4% to 10%. I don’t think I’d ever had a 10% beer before, the alcohol was clearly evident.

Mother Road Brewing outside by

Mother Road has a partnership agreement with Pizzicletta, a wood-fired pizza restaurant next door. I was in heaven as I had a slice of Napoleon margherita style pizza in one hand, and a cold brew in the other. After dinner I peeked my head into the restaurant to see if I could snap a pic of one of their pies coming straight out of the oven. The restaurant is quite small, but with a great feel to the place…all warm and cozy as the 900 degree oven keeps the place toasty on a cold winter evening.

Pizzicletta margherita pizza by

Tomorrow I am heading to the Flagstaff Nordic Center to try riding a fat-tire bike on the groomed trails.  Have you ever done this? If so, leave a comment below and let me know what it’s like.

Mike Shubic

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  1. Hey Mike, glad to see you writing some stuff about Flagstaff…I love that town! I have been too have been to Mother Road and had the pizza…fantastic! I have also tried fat tire biking in Colorado…you’ll have a blast, but be prepared to be winded at that elevation.

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