Montezuma Castle – A Truly ‘Historic’ Home

Montezuma Castle is one of Arizona’s many historical treasures—it’s a domicile that will captivate you with age old design that has stood the test of time. When one thinks of construction, longevity, or the home-flipping craze…few could withstand the ages of 900+ years. That is an investment unlike any other in Real Estate I have come across. We are not talking about a home to hand down to your children, or to their children, or their children’s children. This is a home built for the ages.

Montezuma Castle first captivated my childhood eyes over 25 years ago, and then again just a few years back. It has withstood the test of time and gave us a peek into what our ancestors used to live like; one could say they were the precursor of minimalism and would fit exactly opposite into our consumer society.

Understanding the need to be nestled out of the heat, the Sinagua people created homes up high with the brilliance of limestone produced air conditioning.  This cliff dwelling is one of the best preserved in North America, although you can no longer climb the ladders and venture through the homes (inside tours closed in 1951 due to deterioration) standing below you still understand the magnificence of the build.

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Along the 1/3 mile loop to the Castle, you will walk through age-old sycamore and oak trees along a paved path for ease.  As you venture to the archeological site, there are informational signs that line your journey.  With a wealth of history this carved out piece of our past is one of enjoyment for all, adult and child alike.

Split the day into two with the Castle in the morning, have a stop at one of the many picnic areas for your lunch, and then head on to Montezuma Well just 4 miles north of the Castle. You may spot wildlife or even some of the rare organisms that have evolved in the sinkhole due to the mineralization of the water, they are found nowhere else in the world.  The Well has no fee, just follow the signs and enjoy.

Arizona's Montezuma Castle


Located in the state of Arizona, just 90 minutes north of Phoenix or 45 minutes south of Flagstaff, the location is signed and easy to exit right off I-17. Click here to see more photos from Montezuma Castle.

Montezuma Castle - A captivating cliff-dwelling in Arizona by

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