Author: Danell Lynn

Danell Lynn is a Guinness World Record Motorcycle Rider, an avid traveler, humanitarian, writer, designer and pretty much a lover of life. She participated as a female rider for documentaries in Cambodia, Pakistan and Alaska, and is the author of Philanthropic Wanderlust; 1 Woman, 1 Motorbike, 1 Year; and Purposeful Wanderings. She writes for magazines, newspapers, and online adventure blogs. Danell has received awards from the Governor of Arizona, the First Lady of El Salvador and runs Threading Hope and Highwire philanthropic foundations. Traveling around the globe in all ways overland –foot, 4×4, motorcycle, local bus…her travel goal is to keep the number of countries visited larger than her age, and at 36 she has been to over 46.

Havasupai…A Hikers Paradise to Havasu Falls


Here is everything you need to know about visiting Havasupai. Havasupai is a hiker’s paradise.  With an 8-mile trek into the village your sore feet are soothed in the blue-green waters of the natural spring. Occasionally you get the unique opportunity to experience not just the landscape, but cultural immersion!...

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Montezuma Castle – A Truly ‘Historic’ Home

Montezuma Castle is one of Arizona’s many historical treasures—it's a domicile that will captivate you with age old design that has stood the test of time. When one thinks of construction, longevity, or the home-flipping craze…few could withstand the ages of 900+ years. That is an investment unlike any other...

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