Marymere Falls, A Jewel in the Pacific Northwest

Located near Lake Crescent Lodge, along the northern border of the Olympic National Park, Marymere Falls is a popular hike among visitors.  Steep mountain ridges rise up around the area making the hike quite picturesque.  It isn’t the highest or most dramatic waterfall I’ve ever seen, but certainly worth the excursion.

The creek-side trail rises, then forks, leaving hikers two options for viewing the 90-foot plunge above the spectacular emerald Lake Crescent. Consider visiting Marymere Falls in the winter when plenty of runoff promises a spectacular showing.

The Moments In Time Natural Trail is a 1/2-mile loop that weaves its way through old homestead sites, along the banks of Crescent Lake, and through old-growth lowland forest. Massive cedars and Douglas firs tower overhead, some with diameters over 40 feet and rising up offer two hundred fifty feet from the forest floor.

The trail is well marked and surprisingly quiet, offering several places to sit and reflect on the incredible wonder of this part of the country.

Extend your hike a bit with an amble alongside Barns Creek as you seek a nice spot for lunch, or perhaps just an inviting sand bar for some feet-soaking.

To see more of my pictures of Marymere Falls, click here.  Be sure to watch my brief video of Marymere Falls below.

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