Lovin’ Lombok

After two boats, a bus ride and a couple of flights from Raja Ampat, we were back in central Indonesia, this time on the island of Lombok. It was another long day of travel, but we were happy to check into the Novotel Resort and Villas. The grounds of this property were spectacularly maintained (as I would later confirm since it was now dark out). My fellow travel bloggers and I were quite famished so the first thing we did was head to the restaurant for a sensational meal. The restaurant is open-air and situated right on the beach, allowing a cool breeze to keep us comfortable. The water was a bit in the distance, but we could still hear the occasional wave come ashore.

Lombok Novotel Resort and Spa by MikesRoadtrip.com

The next morning I happened to wake quite early, just as the sun was rising. I raced to get dressed and grab my camera and drone to see what I might be able to capture. My best shot of the morning was probably this traditional Indonesian outrigger boat near the beach. After a bit of photographing, my next stop was to have breakfast. I then I headed to the spa for a massage, the zen-like atmosphere was just what I needed after the long day of travel the day before.

Outrigger boat in Lombok by MikesRoadtrip.com

Lombok is well known for its surfing, so later that morning I met up with my fellow travel bloggers where we boarded a bus that took us to the other side of the island. Kuta Lombok is located on the southern part of island and has developed into a neat little tourist village where the surfing is perfect for beginners like me. I have been surfing before, but not very adept. Unfortunately, I am nursing a shoulder injury, three small tears to my rotator cuff, so it made surfing even more of a challenge.  Most everyone in our group were first-timers, everyone but Gemala Hanafiah, who used to be one of Indonesia’s top female surfers. Now, she and her partner published a wonderful blog called, Wet Traveler…their travels feature everything having to do with the water. It’s a wonderful niche with some fantastic photos and video content.

Surfing in Lombok by MikesRoadTrip.com

After an afternoon of fun-in-the-sun, we all headed back to our rooms at the Novotel for some downtime. Some headed to the pool or back to the beach, while others took a nap. I happened to join several of my blogger friends at the negative edge pool where we sipped cocktails and exchanged travel stories. Here I think I’ve traveled a lot, that is, until I get around other travel bloggers who make me feel as though I haven’t scratched the earth’s surface when it comes to exploring, which might be an accurate assessment. While I am incredibly well traveled, my destinations and adventures pale in comparison to many others. I get so energized and excited listening to the adventures of other travelers. We all have a connection with one-another and I think it’s this yearning to see what is around the next bend in this windy path called life. Those who enjoy travel have an enthusiasm and passion for life that is contagious. We enjoy experiencing life rather than just living it. Experiences over possessions I’ve heard it called.

Beaches in Lombok by MikesRoadTrip.com

After getting freshened up, we all met at one of the resort restaurants for dinner. While we visited the buffet, some traditional Indonesian entertainment took center stage. We enjoyed dance, music and ceremonial entertainment activities. It was a great end to a short stay in Lombok. Our next destination is to the small island chain of Gili, just off the shores of the western shores of Lombok. Click here to read my previous road diary update from Indonesia. Click here to read about experience in Gili. Click here to see more of my images from Lombok.

Traditional Indonesian entertainment in Lombok by MikesRoadTrip.com


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