Janesville Case Study

Janesville, Wisconsin CVB organized a Winter press trip for Mike’s Road Trip in December of 2016 to experience their community—to develop an article and video that was published on MikesRoadTrip.com and utilized by stakeholders. This is a snapshot of the results of that campaign after 60 days.

Janesville, Wisconsin Case Study 60-Day Review


There was 1 main article published on Janesville with 4 Road Diary updates and 1 photo gallery. Collectively these posts received 10,239 visits in the first 60 days.

VIDEO VIEWSJanesville video views pie chart

  • YouTube: 9629
  • Facebook: 104,323
  • ROKU: 12,062


Content was shared on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • Instagram feature – 18 images – over 8700 likes (according to Social Bluebook.com this was valued at over $1800)
  • YouTube Ranking – Within the first 2 weeks of being live, the Janesville video was ranked in the top 3 for the following search terms, “Janesville,” Janesville WI,” and “Janesville Road Trip.” After one month, they all ranked #1.
  • YouTube Viewership –  Nearly 10,000 views in the first 60 days, with an average watch time of 4:28, which is nearly 35,000 minutes.
  • Facebook – Direct upload of video generated nearly 200,000 impressions, 104,000 views, nearly 2000 shares, 1000+ likes and comments
  • Total Social Reach: 312,119


Main Article:

Road Diary:

Photo Galleries:


“Mike Shubic did a phenomenal job of covering our destination, Janesville, Wisconsin, this past winter. We couldn’t be happier with the final product. In fact, we are so pleased that we are hoping to bring Mike back to cover summer in Janesville. Mike was organized, professional, and always very personable. He is also highly skilled at creating compelling experiential content and then promoting it in the most effective ways. It was very exciting to see how rapidly the video views and social shares and likes rose. They went through the roof! It’s been months and they’re still building.”

Susan Melton – Director of Marketing for Janesville CVB


  • …I worked in Janesville for a while when I was in college. To me it was like every other WI city, but you made it look like a historic town that might be fun to visit.Erica – Blog post comment
  • …I was kind of surprised someone came to our town to make a video like this. Being born in Janesville and living here day by day, the town doesn’t seem like it’s anything special, but seeing it in an episode in a different perspective brings out the good things many people forget about daily.”  Lowkey – YouTube comment
  • “…I moved to Boise, Idaho from Janesville about 2 1/2 years ago, and I was feeling particularly homesick this afternoon and this video made my heart all happy. Thanks for visiting!” Katy – Facebook comment
  • “Nice video Mike, thanks for visiting. As a business owner it’s nice to see something like this.” Al – Twitter comment

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Mike Shubic

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