Best Grand Canyon view is at the east entrance Watchtower

The Grand Canyon is a distant second to the Smoky Mountains as the most visited National Park in the country, with over six million visiting annually (2016). The vast majority of visitors come through the South Rim entrance, each in search of the best place to see the awe-inspiring sight. Few are aware that there is actually an East Entrance to the Grand Canyon, also known as Desert View. The Desert View (or East Entrance) is home to probably the best Grand Canyon view. The single most expansive look at this massive geological wonder is located at the Watchtower observation platform.

Best Grand Canyon view

Grand Canyon East is where you’ll find the authentic looking 70′ Hopi Watchtower. This replica was design by famed architect, Mary Colter, and was the last of the visitor concession structures to be completed at the park in 1932. The most architecturally impressive section of the tower has to be the interior of the building. The space is an open shaft surrounded by circular balconies edging the walls and small staircases that lead up to subsequent levels.  The walls are covered with beautiful murals, hieroglyphs, pictographs and petroglyphs painted by Hopi artists.  Experiencing the multiple levels and circular balconies will fill visitors with an overwhelming sense of the southwest.

Grand Canyon East begins below Glen Canyon Dam, which creates the magnificent Lake Powell recreation area. Access to the East Entrance is off highway 89, south of Lake Powell by nearly 80 miles. After turning west onto highway 64, you have another 50 miles until the Grand Canyon East Entrance. If you’re already at the South Rim, you can just drive east along the edges of the canyon for 26 miles of scenic views.

If you’ve ever been to the Watchtower and seen the best Grand Canyon view, leave a comment below and share your experience. If you can think of another best Grand Canyon view, please share that as well.




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    1. Hey Gina…oh, ya gotta get to the Canyon! If you have the time and it’s during the summer, I prefer the north side…way fewer people. If however you’re on the south side, the eastern entrance and the Watchtower is the place to be. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers, Mike

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