EV Road Trip through Europe [infographic]

A few years ago I was road tripping around Washington state while filming a video for a boutique inn. During my stay I noticed the owner had a Nissan Leaf, an all electric vehicle. I was chatting the gentleman up, asking all kinds of questions about his EV (electric vehicle) car, when he graciously offered to let me use the vehicle for the day. I quickly jumped at the chance, and after a day of driving the electric powered car, I was smitten! I have often wondered what it would be like to take an EV road trip, but have not yet had an opportunity. I even reached out to Nissan to see if they would be interested in loaning me a car to do an article, but I never received a reply.

Apparently the EV road trip is all the rage in Europe, so much so that the folks at Compare the Market have put together this impressive infographic. While the EV road trip still eludes me, I hope this comprehensive guide will help all of you in Europe. Everything you need to know to have the perfect EV road trip is included, such as distances to the next charging station, sights and landmarks not to miss, as well as suggestions of activities to do while your EV car is charging. The information is broken up into five geographic locations, so depending on where you are located and/or traveling, there is a European EV road trip for you.

If you’ve ever taken an EV road trip (in Europe or other areas of the world), please leave a comment below and share the joys, as well as the challenges. [NOTE: Click on graphic to increase size]

EV Road Trip in Europe

Mike Shubic

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