DroneGuard Kit by Lowepro

As a travel video blogger and all around camera gear hound, I have found it necessary to acquire camera bags for specific needs. For example, I have a Lowepro roller that keeps a large amount of gear safe and secure when traveling by air. I have a Lowepro Fastpack backpack that allows me to carry my 17″ MacBook Pro, DSLR, along with several lenses and other accessories. Then, there is my action bag which is well suited for carrying GoPro’s and specific gear for an action shoot. Now, I have a bag dedicated for my aerial quadcopter drone and all the applicable gear that goes with it—it too is a Lowepro…it’s called the DroneGuard Kit.

DroneGuard Kit by Lowepro

I have had a DJI Phantom 2 for some time now and it has been a hassle carting it around with all the extra batteries, tools, spare parts, etc. It’s so nice to finally have a bag where I can stow everything related to my drone. The interesting thing about the DroneGuard Kit is that it is not a typical camera bag and it is not enclosed as you can see by the photos. The idea behind this design is to keep everything organized, while making it easy to access everything you need with little effort. You can however purchase separately a hard case to slip the kit into…say if you want to travel by air or just want your drone and accessories enclosed.

Lowepro’s answer to the gaining popularity in the drone market was to design a bag in such a way as to be flexible, yet easily allowing you to access, organize and protect a quadcopter and its gear. It combines organization, portability, protection and customization into a single modular unit. It almost resembles something you’d see a carpenter carrying around…with all their tools in tow at the ready.

The DroneGuard Kit was created to accommodate X-shape style quadcopters…those with a similar design to the very popular DJI Phantom series. The system is made of lightweight dividers and pockets to easily stow and carry all the accessories that come with a drone. An ultra-portable tray with grab handles, built with a rigid, durable base and honeycomb interior, provides a foundation for the kit and doubles as a work surface. Modular components include: a battery box with adjustable dividers, drone sidewalls with stash pockets, and a remote/transmitter divider. An elastic loop system enables organization of blades, cords, tools and more. Zippered side pockets serve as additional storage for essentials such as manuals, cables and extra cameras, while providing overall support and protection.

The drone photography and videography sector is exploding and is fueling a whole new creative frontier. I personally am enthralled by it. To capture footage and photos from a bird’s eye view is quite extraordinary. If you’re in the market for a quadcopter drone, I would recommend looking into something like the DroneGuard Kit to keep everything together, while letting you safely transport it to launch sites. This is not an inexpensive hobby, so protecting your gear is vital. The price for the DroneGuard Kit is quite reasonable, retailing at just $99.99.  The Hardside 400 case however will set you back another $300.

For more information and to purchase a DroneGuard Kit, visit: http://store.lowepro.com/droneguard-kit. NOTE: As of this publication date, the DroneGuard Kit is only available on Lowepro.com in the US and Canada.

Lowepro DroneGuard Kit

For nearly half a century, Lowepro bags have been traveling the world—earning the loyalty and admiration of the best photographers, while setting the industry standard for innovative functionality and remarkable protection. I’m a big fan of Lowepro products and enjoy being an advocate and ombudsman for their quality protective camera bags.

If you have any questions about the DroneGuard Kit, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer. If you have a DroneGuard Kit, or any other Lowepro products, I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or favorite bags.

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