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A Secret way to see Antelope Canyon for FREE [video]

how to see Antelope Canyon for Free at Lake Powell

Antelope Canyon is a place of magic and wonderment. The narrow walls and winding paths mesmerize the visitor as sunlight flickers through the cracks above and dances on the curvy walls. The smooth sandstone provides a canvas for the light to illuminates the vibrant palette of earth tone colors. Antelope...

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Arizona Travel Videos, Guides & Inspiration

Church Rock in Arizona by

If you are looking for Arizona travel videos and guides, you've come to the right place. As a resident and professional travel blogger based in Arizona, I have explored every corner of the state and have produced a lot of Arizona travel content, from destinations to experiences. Therefore, I thought...

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Rare photos of the Hassayampa River

The Hassayampa River runs south from Prescott, Arizona toward Wickenburg, eventually emptying into the Gila River. That is, when there is water flowing, which is a very rare sight. For most of its 100-mile course through the desert, the Hassayampa River flows only underground. Unless of course there is a...

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Tuzigoot National Monument in Clarksdale, AZ

Historic roadside attraction near Sedona and Jerome. In between Sedona and Jerome, just outside the town of Clarksdale, lies a small national monument known as Tuzigoot, which is one of several sites south of Flagstaff where the 12th century Sinagua Indian dwellings are preserved. Unlike the Montezuma Castle twenty miles...

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