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If you are looking for Arizona travel videos and guides, you’ve come to the right place. As a resident and professional travel blogger based in Arizona, I have explored every corner of the state and have produced a lot of Arizona travel content, from destinations to experiences. Therefore, I thought it might be a good idea to create a post where I combine everything I’ve produced all in one place for those interested in exploring the Grand Canyon State.

Arizona travel videos - Over a dozen videos from the Grand Canyon State

For more information on any of the Arizona travel topics below, be sure to click on the links I’ve included for hotel, restaurant and other recommendations. Please do leave a comment below if you have any questions.

Most Interesting Facts about Arizona

Let’s start with some of the most interesting facts about Arizona. In this Arizona travel video I talk about how the state got its nicknames, and yes, there are several. I also share what is commonly known as the 5 C’s. If you’re into history and interesting factoids, you’ll enjoy this video.

Top-10 Arizona National Parks and Monuments

Arizona is an incredibly diverse state, from the mountains to the north, to the Sonoran Desert in the south, this is a place where you can snow ski and water ski in the same weekend. And yes, I’ve done this before. Arizona has many national parks and monuments, so in this video I share my top-10 favorites.

Road Trip from Phoenix to Sedona

Sedona is one of the most popular places in Arizona, so in this video I provide route suggestions and places to stop along the way. I’ve also written a Phoenix to Sedona road trip guide with more detail if you prefer.

Top-10 Things to See and Do in Sedona, Arizona

Once you get to Sedona, you’ll want to know what to see and do, so in this video I share my Top-10 things to do in Seodna.

Great Alternative to the WAVE

The geological wonder in northern Arizona known as the WAVE has become incredibly popular the past few years thanks to the extraordinary images posted to Instagram. Most will be disappointed when they discover there are a limited number of lottery tickets available to see this remarkable place. Not to worry though, there is an equally good alternative called White Pocket. The video below showcases many of the amazing places to stop along the way. And, this Arizona road trip video takes you on a loop to see many other exciting things in the area.

Arizona Travel from Phoenix to Show Low

In this Arizona Travel video I share a road trip to the eastern part of the state where it is much cooler. Show Low is a great escape from the desert heat of Phoenix in the summer months. During winter there is a nearby ski resort and other snow-filled activities.

Top-10 Winter Activities in Flagstaff

Speaking of winter, Flagsgaff is also a great escape from the heat during the summer months, and is also a winter haven for those seeking snow. In this Arizona travel video I highlight the Top-10 Winter Activities in Flagstaff.

Arizona Gold Mines and Ghost Towns

If you’re into gold mines and ghost towns, check out this Arizona video on an off-road adventure in search of some of the abandoned places in the state.

Grand Falls – The Willy Wanka of Waterfalls

Known as Chocolate Falls, Grand Falls is a seasonal waterfall located about 40 miles northeast of Flagstaff. Grand Falls is a spectacular off-the-beaten place to visit during March and April, as the winter snow melt fills up the typically dry Little Colorado River. The massive cascading falls is over 180′, which is about 5 feet higher than the more famous Niagara Falls.

Arizona Wildflowers

Spring is a special time in the desert with an abundance of wildflowers and cacti blooms. As spring heats up, many of the wildflowers will wilt away, but that is just the first phase of spring in the desert. The next is the cacti blooms, which typically start in early April and last until mid to late May (some variety last into summer). Spring is a fantastic time to visit the Sonoran Desert as there is so much color from March until May. The Cacti blooms are incredibly unique and diverse, many indigenous to the Southwest. Click the following link for an Arizona Wildflowers road trip guide.

Canyon de Chelly – Most Underrated Attraction in Arizona

Canyon De Chelly (pronounced Shay) might just be one of the most underrated attractions in the state known for its Grand Canyon. While Canyon De Chelly may be considered a stepchild of the Grand Canyon, its beauty is no less spectacular. The area is made up of a series of sandstone canyons, some span for many miles. The views from the various overlooks each provide a different, but equally awe-inspiring scene.

Antelope Canyon – Nature inspired wonderment

The photos of Antelope Canyon (upper and lower) have inspired the world over. The long and smoothly carved sandstone slot canyon is located on Navajo land in northern Arizona and is one of those places that photos often do justice to the awe-inspire sight. Antelope Canyon is a mecca for photographers, due in part to the light beams that shine down into the narrow canyon for just a short period each day, putting on a dramatic display for onlookers.

Snow in the Desert

Many people may not realize it, but on occasion the Sonoran Desert does get snow once in a while. It’s a pretty unique experience to see a dusting of snow on a majestic saguaro cactus. In this short Arizona travel video I share such a sight.

Top Things to do in Phoenix for First-Timers

This is an Arizona travel video of my favorite things to see and do in Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix is a massive metropolis that is surrounded by other large cities, such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and many others. This list and video are just going to focus on things to see and do in Phoenix.

Arizona Travel to Apache Junction – Home of the Superstition Mountains

Apache Junction (AJ) is located about forty miles east of downtown Phoenix and is home to the majestic Superstition Mountains. Apache Junction is steeped in history and legends & lore. The area was once a hot spot for the movie industry and has lured gold seekers from around the world with stories of an ol’ miner named Jacob Waltz, also known as the “Dutchman.”  The Lost Dutchman Mine has become the iconic symbol of Apache Junction and its backdrop, the Superstition Mountains.

Cowboy Lifestyle in Wickenburg

Wickenburg is a true western town where cowboys roam and artists reign. It’s a place where the spurs have a job to do and hats are not accessories. The town is full of character, where spirits remain wild and the souls are Western through and through. If you conjure images of the west, generally what emerges in the mind’s eye are horses, open space, clean air and cowboys. With fewer and fewer areas to enjoy a true western experience, Wickenburg is one place that has flourished for well over a century.

Arizona Travel and Road Trip Guides

Arizona Travel FAQ

  • When is the best time to visit Arizona?

    Arizona is a year-round state with a diverse landscape, making it perfect to visit any time of the year. No matter what time of year, you can find the perfect temperature as the elevation ranges from under 1000' to over 12,000'.

  • Why visit Arizona?

    In addition to its famous landmark, the Grand Canyon, Arizona is a tapestry of stunning landscape and fascinating geology with over 300 days a year of sunshine. The Sonoran Desert and the Saguaro cacti are unique to this part of the world. With wide open spaces and trails in all directions, Arizona is a fantastic state for a road trip or a spa retreat. Arizona has rushing rivers, snow-capped mountains, pristine desert lakes, stands of ponderosa pine trees, and sandy lakefront beaches. It’s a destination that offers a combination of outdoor adventure and urban sophistication.

  • Why is Arizona called the "Valentine State?"

    Arizona gained statehood on February 14th, 1912, Valentine's Day.

  • Is the Grand Canyon worth seeing?

    Considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is without question a place worth seeing. Each season brings a different view and perspective of this mile-deep canyon that stretches 18 miles across and over 275 miles long.

  • How many National Parks are in Arizona?

    Arizona has a total of 24 National Parks, Monuments, Memorials and Historical Sites that are part of NPS.

  • Is Arizona Really Hot During the Summer Months?

    In a word, yes! Arizona will often reach over 110 degrees during the day. Average high during the summer months is 106. The heat is dry, so not nearly as uncomfortable as a 100 degrees in the south where it is very humid.

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