Boston’s Breeze Team amaze and entertain

Through my travels around the world I have seen a lot of talented street performers. One that really stood out over the years was a young man in Venice Beach, California who worked his way through college performing just a couple days a weeks. This guy’s performance was a juggling act, but it was no ordinary act. Hundreds of people would gather round to see the death-defying performance. [Not much of an exaggeration as you read on].

The performance started out normal enough, with bowling pins and other typical juggling items, but the act would continue to increase in difficulty until the grand finale..and what a finale it was. For the final part of the performance, this guy grabbed a bolling pin, a bolling ball, and, a running chainsaw. Just to prove to the audience the chainsaw had a sharp blade, he used is on a nearby piece of driftwood. With the three odd and unevenly weighted items, the man steadied himself on a unicycle…blindfolded. Blindfolded!! He juggled the items for maybe 10 seconds before dismounted and quickly removed the material that covered his eyes. The audience erupted with applause. This guy was a sensation! I saw people tipping this man $20. After waiting for the audience to dissipate, I went up to ask the gentleman a few random questions. I finally asked him what kind of money he made performing…he said it was upwards of $70k a year working just a couple days a week.

 Breeze Team
Photo Courtesy of The Griffon News

[NOTE: As I wrote this intro, I thought I would search to see if I could find the name of the individual I saw perform back in the late 90s on Venice Beach, apparently the guy is known as Mad Chad and achieved a level of fame with his act]

During a trip to Boston, Massachusetts I discovered a group of street performers that were just as good at drawing a crowd…The Breeze Team Boys.  This extraordinary group of dancers and entertainers perform on the streets of Boston to the amazement of hundreds in attendance. The half hour performance starts by warming up and increasing the size of the audience, all the while keeping the attention of the passerby until the main performance begins.

Each individual on the team is highly talented, bringing their own moves to the group and solo performances. They’re slogan is “born to entertain,” and entertain they do! Not only through their mesmerizing dance routines, but their comic relief produces some thunderous laughter from the audience. Have a look at the video I shot of the performance and you’ll see just what I mean. Don’t miss the Asian audience participation, it’s simply hilarious!

If you’ve ever seen the Breeze Team Boys perform, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

Mike Shubic

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  1. I have seen the breeze team boys several times in Boston mass and I love them. Especially the older gentleman who dance and flip. UNBELIEVABLE. I enjoyed them so much that I introduced my son to them. My son’s a dancer and flipper like them. HE IS ALSO A COMEDIAN. Wow is he funny. I would like my son to be a part of there team. He would be a awesome force with the team. I dance also and I am 58. so I know outstanding dancing and flipping, THE BREEZE TEAM BOYS CAN DANCING. Thank you

  2. My mother, sister and I made Boston Mass a girls trip destination.
    We had the pleasure of watching the Breeze Team 3 times while we were
    there! We entertained with 3 different performances and they are awesome!
    My sister and I are both teachers. I teach middle school p.e. I have shown
    the videos of Breeze Team to my kiddos several times each year. They are amazed
    by their skills.
    Does anyone know how I can contact the group to purchase tee shirts? Thanks in advance
    if you are able to help me.

    1. How cool. They sure are amazing! Thanks for sharing your experience. Not sure how to contact them, maybe see if they have a Facebook Page. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Mike

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