Alt Hotel at Halifax Airport is an alternative to the mundane

I recently stayed at the Alt Hotel in Halifax, a small Canadian chain with a level of posh sophistication that was well beyond my expectations. As a professional travel blogger who stays at 50-70 hotels per year, I have a fair amount of lodging experience, and therefore it’s not very often that I stay in a remarkable hotel worth sharing with my readers and followers. The Alt Hotel in Halifax is without question one of those hotels.

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Airports with integrated hotels seem to popping up around the world this past decade, and for travelers, there is no denying the convenience.

Most airport hotels are located off-site, near the airport, but not actually at an airport terminal. Eliminating that gap transportation is quite nice, saving both time and stress.

Located right at the main terminal and adjacent to the car rental facility, Alt Hotel is incredibly convenient. I parked by the outside entrance, checked-in, took my luggage to my room, then dropped off the car a mere stones throw away, and walked but a few hundred feet back to the Alt Hotel. So refreshingly simple.

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What makes the Alt Hotel so special is not merely its proximity to the airport, but rather its posh and sophisticated decor and attention to detail. The staff was incredibly friendly while the lobby was furnished in a bold and contemporary design.

The rooms are a mix of exposed concrete and contemporary materials, My room had views of one of the runways with a uniquely modern black leather chair in which I could sit to watch the planes take off.

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There was a desk with many charging outlets and other utility plugs. And the lighting…outstanding! Again, sophisticated in design with nice white light, not that dull CFL yellowish color. It is evident that an architect who specializes in just lighting was indeed involved.

The bathroom was small, but the use of space was unparalleled. The mirror was back-lit with a frosted design while a wooden seating bench provided a place to sit or place additional belongings. Every detail was thought through.

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The bed had wonderful down pillows and duvet. There is so much detail integrated into the space that I cannot recall it all from a single night’s stay.

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If you are ever traveling to Halifax, I would suggest, even recommend, going out of your way to stay at Alt Hotel, it would make a great beginning and/or ending to your Nova Scotia road trip. If you’ve ever stayed at an Alt Hotel before, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

Alt Hotel Halifax Information:

Phone: 1-855 258-5775  (toll-free)
Address: 40 Silver Dart Drive, Enfield (Nova Scotia) B2T 1K2
SaveRates: Starting from $135 USD (great value given this level of accommodations)


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