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Roadside Attractions in Texas include Prada Marfa

Roadside attractions in Texas includ Prada Marfa
Photo and contribution by: Erin Mushaway with Sol Salute

If you find yourself in West Texas, Prada Marfa is worth a stop. Located on the side of Hwy 90, twenty minutes outside of Marfa, Texas, you’ll find a Prada store in the middle of the Texas desert. This art installation holds authentic Prada merchandise and is designed to degrade back into the natural landscape. 

Cano’s Castle in Antonito, Colorado

Cano's Castle by

I’ve seen a lot of strange structures along the road during my travels, but “Cano’s Castle” just might take the prize for the most whimsical. This extremely odd, yet creatively unique home, was built by a Native American Vietnam Veteran who thought he would pay homage to his survival of the war. It’s probably safe to assume that Cano (the Architect and creator of “Cano’s Castle) did not come back from the war in the same state in which he left—anyone who would build such a strange structure, has to be, well, a bit odd himself. Nonetheless, Cano has created a structure that continues to inspire a community, while captivating onlookers.

Humberstone in Northern Chile

Humberstone in Northern Chile
Photo and contribution by: Elisa from World in Paris

Humberstone was a former “nitrate town” located in the Atacama Desert (North of Chile). It was one of the largest saltpeter extractors of the whole region, with its own theater, school and shops. During the 40’s the nitrate production declined and after a long crisis Humberstone and the surrounding towns were abandoned and they are today ghost towns.

Las Lajas Sanctuary at the border crossing between Colombia and Ecuador

Las Lajas Sanctuary an amazing roadside attraction in Colombia
Photo and contribution by: Marco Buch of Life is a Trip

If you’re traveling through South America by car, the border crossing between Colombia and Ecuador really is a place you don’t want to miss. On the Colombian side you find the Las Lajas Sanctuary, a surreal church built into a gorge. On the Ecuadorian side, just 15 minutes later, make sure you visit the fascinating Tulcan cemetery, a topiary fairy-tale: The gardens of this massive cemetery feature natural sculptures of animals, angels, Incan symbols and iconic creatures. Promise: Both these places will leave you stunned! Find more tips on where to go in Colombia here:

Bedrock City between Flagstaff, Arizona and the Grand Canyon

Bedrock City is one of many Arizona Roadside Attractions in the state
Photo and contribution by: Megan Johnson of Red Around the World

Bedrock City, home of The Flintstones, is a fun stop between Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon at the junction of Hwy 180 and 64. Whether you’re 5 or 55, this is a fun quirky side trip. The entrance fee is under $10 and you get to experience a creepy little gift shop before heading into Bedrock to see all the shops and homes of its prehistoric citizens. 

Our Lady of Lebanon in Lebanon 

Lady of Lebanon roadside attraction in Lebanon
Photo and contribution by: Clemens of Travellers Archive

When thinking about Lebanon, you might not have a road trip in mind. The country suffers from war-torn neighborhoods and political conflicts. However, it is a wonderful, and above all, safe country to travel. We spent our time in Lebanon driving around the entire country in a rental car–no tour operator needed. The first route was from Beirut, the capital, to the very Northern city of Tripoli. You’ll start driving along the coast of Lebanon, while passing mountainous regions on the right. A great first stop for everyone traveling to Lebanon is the statue of “Our Lady of Lebanon.”

Giant Coffee Pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania

The giant coffee pot roadside attraction in
Contribution by: Karen of Wanderlustingk

Coffee lovers should consider stopping by the two-story coffee pot in Bedford, Pennsylvania, an iconic photo opp that is true Americana. It was built in 1927 by David Koontz along the Lincoln Highway and used as a lunch stand for many years! 

The Roanoke Star in Roanoke, Virginia

Roanoke Star Virginia by FuninFairfaxVA
Photo and contribution by: Julie McCool of

Towering 88.5 feet high, the Roanoke Star is the largest free-standing, man-made, illuminated star in the world. The star has been shining above the city of Roanoke at night for nearly 70 years, It’s also a popular spot to visit by day, offering gorgeous views of the city and surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains, along with fun mountain biking and hiking trails. You’ll find the Roanoke Star on Mill Mountain, a quick 15-mile detour from Highway 81.

Albert Einstein Memorial in Washington D.C.

Einstein Memorial in Washington D.C. is one of the many roadside attractions in the area
Photo and Contribution by Charles McCool of McCool Travel

Most Washington DC visitors miss the incredible Albert Einstein Memorial, even though it is located on the main street (Constitution Avenue) that they likely enter the city (from I-66). The Einstein statue is across the street from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and is open 24×7—a great place to visit early in the morning or late at night. Most fun is that when there are people there, it is likely that they are from another country.

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