The discovery of connections

The other day I did a post on this great band I saw perform at Glendale Glitters called, “The Oak Creek Band.”  Of course my first thought was, “is there a Sedona connection?”  I read on Oak Creek’s website that they were out of Denver, so I didn’t give it another thought.  Well, just today the mother of Daniel, one of the lead singers, stopped by Mike’s Road to give me some kudos for the write-up and explained the connection.  Apparently Daniel is married to Jenna, the other singer in the band, and both hail from…you guessed it…Oak Creek.  Daniel’s folks own Hoel’s Indian Shop in Oak Creek, just a couple miles north of Slide Rock. The shop is a Sedona landmark and has been in Oak Creek Canyon for over 60 years!  While the shop is famous for their fine collection of Native American Arts and Crafts, I suspect they might also sell a few CD’s from their favorite home town…Oak Creek Band. So, if you’re in Sedona, be sure to stop by Hoel’s Indian Shop, 2.5 miles north of Slide Rock.

Mike Shubic

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