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Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse

The Garcia Little Red Schoolhouse is a charming and iconic historical building located in Wickenburg, Arizona. It is operated by the Wickenburg Children's Cultural Organization (WCO), with a mission to enrich the lives of children through music, the arts, and to help preserve the building. I was commissioned to produce...

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Wickenburg Train Depot

The Wickenburg, Arizona railroad station serves as the headquarters for the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce, and is among the oldest of the Santa Fe's wooden stations in Arizona. It continues to remain near its original configuration and is one of the few such surviving examples of "Wild West" railroad architecture....

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A Tour of Wickenburg, Arizona

My folks have lived in the Wickenburg area for a number of years now, but until this past trip, I'd never done much sightseeing. Wickenburg is certainly a "Western" town known for its dude ranches and celebrity rehab centers, but they have some interesting things to see and do--from hiking...

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