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San Juan Islands road trip

Snugly ensconced between Northwestern Washington and Vancouver Island is a collection of landmasses that yield to the ebb and flow of the Salish Sea. The 172 islands, each with its own distinct appeal, are known collectively as the San Juan Islands. Only four of the islands are serviced by the...

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My next destination will be the San Juan Islands

I have road tripped all over the state of Washington, but one area that has eluded me, and has been high on my list of places to visit, is the San Juan Islands. Next week I'll be traveling to Seattle for a family wedding, then I will head Northwest to...

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Random facts about the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands of Washington State are nestled between the three great cities of Seattle, Vancouver B.C. and Victoria B.C., surrounded by the Salish Sea. Of the 172 named islands, three of them—Lopez, Orcas and San Juan—have lodging, attractions and amenities for visitors. Real islands, real close; the Islands...

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