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Olympic Peninsula Road Trip Guide and Map

Your complete Olympic Peninsula road trip guide in Washington state You don’t have to drive the full 300+ mile loop around the Olympic Peninsula, but if you do, you’ll see picturesque shoreline, waterfalls, pristine lakes, mountain views and even a rainforest. Start your trip with a ferry ride from downtown Seattle...

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A Trek Through the Sol Duc Rainforest

Located on the western side of the Olympic National Park, Sol Duc is believed to be an Indian term meaning sparkling water—which is appropriate for an area so abundant with crystal-clear H2O. For over 100 years people have been flocking to the Sol Duc Hot Springs for pleasure and health...

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Trekking Through the Olympic Peninsula Area

During the summer months there are few places as superlative as the Pacific Northwest.  Everything is lush and green from its continuous supply of moisture.  When the sun breaks free of the overcast skies it opens up a world of contrast full of depth, color and splendor. I was born...

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