Random facts about Durango, Colorado

Nestled in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, Durango is a picturesque mountain town brimming with adventure! From fly-fishing, zip lining and mountain biking, to skiing, rock climbing and golfing; outdoor enthusiasts will be amazed by the playground Mother Nature has provided. Breathe in the crisp mountain air and set off in exploration of world-class parks and monuments like Mesa Verde National Park and Chimney Rock National Monument.

Mesa Verde in Durango Colorado

In Durango you can indulge your artistic side at a dozen art galleries, live theater, lively festivals or hop aboard the world-famous Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. You can also celebrate the areas agricultural roots with farm-fresh offerings and exquisite cuisines at over eighty distinctive restaurants, two distilleries and six craft breweries. Or, you can stroll the historic downtown for boutique shopping, and cruise the winding scenic San Juan Skyway through the mountains. With over a dozen vacations in one destination, Durango is certainly a place worth discovering.

Durango Silverton Train around bend

Many readers will be aware of the charm listed above, but did you know any of these random facts about Durango?

  • Louis L’Amour wrote the Sackett Series, a set of western novels while staying at The Strater Hotel.
  • Durango has more restaurants per capita than San Francisco (2006, Denver Post).
  • The Animas River that flows through Durango is one of the last free-flowing rivers in the entire Western United States. The Animas River’s official name is El Rio de las Animas Perdidas, roughly translated, this means, “The River of Lost Souls.” The Spanish explorers named the river after several explorers traveled on the river and were lost. Their bodies were never found, and last rites could not be administered, being devoted Catholics, they believed the dead men’s souls could not enter heaven and would be relegated to Purgatory.
  • The Durango Powerhouse Museum opened in the restored Durango Power House—is the oldest know steam-powered AC power plant surviving today.
  • The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Company founded the town of Durango in 1880. The D&SNGRR uses 10,000 gallons of water per round-trip and 12,000 pounds of coal; the coal is shoveled one scoop at a time.

Downtown Durango

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Animas River outside of Durango

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