Is Ice a Commodity?

There is something odd going on here in Canada…and, it has to do with the price of ice!  A common bag of ice in the States runs between $1.25-$2.00 for a 7lb, 8lb or 10lb bag.  I have been to a number of places to buy ice here in Canada, but can’t bring myself to pay $3 for a 5lb bag as it would take 3 bags to fill up my ice chest…that’s nearly $10 (with tax) every day or two for frozen water…in a place that is frozen most of the year.

After some serious thinking I believe I have it figured out.  Given how cold it is in Canada most of the year, I’m thinking Canadians don’t need or want to buy ice all that often ,therefore it’s a supply/demand thing.

Mike Shubic

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