Next stop, back to Ireland

Toward the end of last year I spent five weeks in Ireland. My first week I road tripped the Wild Atlantic Way, which was one of the coolest road trips I had done last year. I then attended and spoke at a travel conference in Killarney. Then, I spent a week road tripping Ireland’s Ancient East. From there I headed to Dublin where I was going to fly to Spain and do some road tripping, but I ended up getting sick and just laid up at a hotel recovering in Dublin.

Sheep pasture with road by

During my time in Ireland I became good friends with an Irish travel journalist who showed me some fantastic places that final week I was in Ireland. That same friend has something special in store for my birthday, which is coming up. She hasn’t told me what it is, but regardless, I’m very excited to be returning to Ireland where I will spend a week, then head back to the States.

By the end of this trip, I will have been traveling nearly non-stop for two months—I will be in need of some serious office time to get caught up on all the content I have collected over the past three trips.

Mike Shubic

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