Most overrated apple pie ever!

I had heard countless comments about how great the apple pie is in Julian, California…a small mountain town outside of San Diego. So, on a recent trip to Southern California, I thought I would take a diversion to check out the apple pie in Julian. I was told that Moms Pies were the best in town, so I walked in and ordered a slice. I sort of expected to receive a slice from a warm, freshly baked pie, but instead the person behind the counter retrieved one from a refrigerator. I was not asked if I wanted it heated, and there was no garnish of any kind. Instead, I paid nearly $5 (with tax) for a slice of the most mediocre apple pie I’ve ever had.

Moms Pies storefront in Julian

bad apple pie at moms pies in Julian

The first telltale sign that the pie was going to be average at best was the fact that the apples were sliced into large wedges. A default and lazy method used by most pie makers. The fundamental key to making a good apple pie are thinly layered slices of apples. Not wedges! This method takes more apples, thus costs more money to make, hence the reason apple pies are rarely made this way. One of the best apples pies I’ve ever had (outside of my sister Carylee’s Amaretto apple pie which uses something like a dozen apples) is from the Village Inn Bake Shoppe in Lewiston, New York. Their mile high apple pie is outstanding!

Mile High Apple Pie from the Village Bake Shoppe in Lewiston, NY - Photo by:

As they say, there is nothing more American than Apple Pie, so tell me about your favorite slice. Post a comment bellow and share the name of the bakery and town located. Or, if your favorite pie is from your mom or grandmother, share their secrets to the perfect pie. Is it the type or slices of the apples, or perhaps a unique ingredient or method to baking the pie.

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