Mono Lake is Monolithic

Most will disagree with Mark Twain’s description in his 1872 novel “Roughing It,” where he describes Mono Lake as a “lifeless, treeless, hideous desert…the loneliest place on earth.” Quite the contrary, Mono Lake is a beautiful ever-changing oasis.  The monolithic lake shimmers under the bright blue skies as it reflects the jagged snow-capped mountains in the background. As in all things natural, there is beauty in everything…you simply must be willing to look for it.

Mono Lake is located off of highways 395 and 120 toward Yosemite. It’s the largest natural lake in California and a summer haven for water sports.  In the winter you’ll see people snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the area…I’ve even seen pictures of folks ice skating—however, given its salinity levels, I wonder how often that occurs.

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Mike Shubic

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